Can Kazakhstan be America’s New Partner in Central Asia?

American policymakers need to be cautious on how they approach the various reforms in Kazakhstan.

by Luke Coffey | The National Interest

Change has come to Kazakhstan, at last.

The former Soviet republic’s first president, seventy-nine-year-old Nursultan Nazarbayev, stepped down in March after nearly thirty years in power.… read the full article

Nuclear War: All You Wanted to Know About the SAC Go Codes

Countdown to Looking Glass.

by Dario Leone | The National Interest

The bomber crews’ ordeal would last somewhat longer. If they could clear their first target by twenty-five miles, they had to proceed with their mission. After that, they could parachute down to the countryside to introduce themselves as the American crew who just nuked the nearby city .read the full article

Experts: The U.S. Military Is an ‘Antiques Roadshow’

The U.S. military possesses way too much old, heavy weaponry that would be next to useless in a war with Russia or China, according to two experts at influential Washington, D.C. think tanks.

by David Axe | The National Interest

The U.S.… read the full article

Is Russia Worried About China’s Military Rise?

Strained relations between Moscow and Washington are making Russians more accepting of Chinese military power.

by Dimitri Alexander Simes | The National Interest

Even with its economy starting to slow down, China’s military is still on the rise. Years of higher military spending fueled by high economic growth are starting to manifest themselves in new technologies and newfound assertiveness.… read the full article

World War III? How Russia, China, Japan and South Korea Nearly Started a War

Showdown over the Sea of Japan?

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

The morning dawned peacefully enough on July 22 as Chinese and Russian warplanes soared towards a rendezvous point over the Sea of Japan for what was to be their first-ever joint patrol.… read the full article

Hong Kong, Moscow, Taiwan … The End of Days

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.

Tear gas fired at Hong Kong protesters close to Beijing’s office

By Elaine YU, Jerome TAYLOR | AFP

Police fired tear gas Sunday at protesters who marched through Hong Kong despite an official ban (AFP Photo/Anthony WALLACE)

Hong Kong (AFP) – Riot police fired multiple volleys of tear gas Sunday to disperse pro-democracy protesters close to Beijing’s office in Hong Kong, plunging the financial hub deeper into crisis.… read the full article

Oliver Stone Asks Vladimir Putin to Be His Daughter’s Godfather

By (Allison Quinn) | The Daily Beast

Alexey Nikolsky/AFP/Getty

Filmmaker and conspiracy theorist Oliver Stone has made no secret of his admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin, but now he has taken it to a whole new level by trying to make him his 22-year-old daughter’s godfather. 

“Does she want to become an Orthodox Christian?” Putin asked when Stone floated the idea during a sit-down in the Kremlin. 

“We’ll make her that [Orthodox],” Stone replied, according to a transcript of the interview put out by the Kremlin Friday. … read the full article

An Open Secret: Russia Will Never Become a Stealth Fighter ‘Superpower’

Why not?

by David Axe | The National Interest

Speaking on May 15, 2019, Putin said the Kremlin would buy scores of Su-57s over the next eight years. If Putin is serious and the Russian defense ministry follows through on the pledge, Russia soon could possess a meaningful number of stealth the full article