American AH 64 Apache VS Russian KA 52 Alligator – Attack Helicopter Comparison

American A-H 64 APACHE VS Russian K-A 52 Alligator
Attack helicopters are fierce predators that go after enemy troops and guard friendlies. The American A-H 64 Apache and Russian K-A 52 Alligator are two of the worlds most advanced and deadliest attack helicopters.… read the full article

The F 22, the Best Air Superiority Fighter in the World

Lockheed Martin, the leading manufacturer of stealth aircraft in the world, proposed a new hybrid between the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning on April , 2018, for Japan to purchase, and it could easily outclass the US Air Force.

Japan has, for decades, wanted in on the US Air Force’s F-22, a long-range, high-capacity stealth fighter that perfectly suits its defense needs, except for one problem — the US won’t sell it.… read the full article

Who Cares About the J-20, F-35 or Su-57: Why the F-15, F-16 and Su-27 Aren’t Going Anywhere

Why those old 4th generation fighters will be around for a long time.

Charlie Gao, The National Interest

As the U.S. Air Force tries to retire and sell its old stocks of F-16As, Lockheed Martin is still churning out new F-16s (albeit built to a far more advanced standard) for countries like  Slovakia and Bahrain in the full article

This Is How the U.S. Military Wants to Shoot Down Russian or Chinese Hypersonic Missiles

Kill a bullet with a bullet—hypersonic style. 

By Michael Peck, The National Interest

Worried by the prospect that hypersonic missiles blazing through American anti-missiles defenses at many times the speed of sound, it’s no surprise that the U.S. Missile Defense Agency wants an interceptor rocket that travels at hypersonic speeds (faster than Mach 5).… read the full article

This Is How the Army Would Wage a War Against Russia or China

As part of the cross-domain effort, the Army and Navy are looking at improving ways to connect their respective networks; senior Pentagon leaders often say that “joint effects” in combat can be challenged by a lack of integration between different services’ “tactical ISR, target acquisition and fire control systems.”

by Kris Osborn, The National Interest

The US Army is preparing to more fully unveil its fast-moving strategic shift toward “Multi-Domain Operations” in coming weeks as part of a long-term effort to further operationalize joint-warfare techniques and tactics.… read the full article

Russia’s Backfire Bomber Is Back (And Ready to Wage a Nuclear War or Kill Aircraft Carriers)

The marque TU-22M3 ‘Backfire’ bomber that was comparatively a cheaper, shorter-range version of the United States’ B-1B Lancer, is finally rolling off the lot with the ‘M3M’ designation upgrades it needs to fight well into the 21st century.

by Task and Purpose Brad Howard, The National Interest

Despite its occasional flashes of inspiration when it comes to military tech, Russia is still touting the same Cold War-era bomber fleet that threatened naval carrier task forces with the specter of cruise missile destruction throughout the 1980s.… read the full article

The Navy Wants Lots of Ship-Killer Missiles to Fight Russia or China

by David Axe, The National Interest

As recently as 2016 the Navy’s warships were badly out-gunned by Russian and Chinese ships. In 2018, the U.S. fleet was on the cusp of reversing that dynamic.

In 2016 the U.S. Navy possessed just one surface-launched anti-ship missile type — Boeing’s Harpoon, a munition that first entered the fleet in the 1970s.
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Russia’s Deadly Su-35 Needs Some Enemies to Kill

by Dave MajumdarThe National Interest

Dave Majumdar

Security, Europe

While the Su-35S has performed well over Syria, the aircraft has not had an opportunity to face off against other enemy aircraft and show off its potential.

Russia’s Deadly Su-35 Needs Some Enemies to Kill

Nonetheless, the Sukhoi Su-35S Flanker-E is the most potent fighter currently in operation with the Russian Air Force and offers good capability at reasonable the full article