Russia’s Su-35 Spooks the U.S. Air Force. Here’s What We Can Tell You.

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by Sebastien Roblin (The National Interest)

The maneuverability of the Su-35 makes it an unsurpassed dogfighter. However, future aerial clashes using the latest missiles (R-77s, Meteors, AIM-120s) could potentially take place over enormous ranges, while even short-range combat may involve all-aspect missiles like the AIM-9X and R-74 that don’t require pointing the aircraft at the target.Read Full Article

Beyond the F-22 or F-35: What Will the Sixth-Generation Jet Fighter Look Like?

Lasers, Drone Swarms, Artificial Intelligence, Sensor Fusion and Optionally-Manned. Oh my!

by Sebastien Roblin (The National Interest)

The American development and deployment of Fifth-Generation stealth aircraft like the F-35 Lightning is one of the central stories of today’s security zeitgeist. But behind the scenes, several countries are already looking ahead to the design of a Sixth-Generation jet.… Read Full Article

A New Report Reveals Why There Won’t Be Any ‘New’ F-22 Raptors

And the logic is simple. 

by TNI Staff (The National Interest)

2017 Pentagon report to Congress detailing production retail costs for Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Raptor show that reviving the powerful stealth air superiority fighter would be prohibitively expensive. Moreover, it would take so long to reconstitute the production line that it would not be until the mid to late 2020s before the first “new” F-22s would have flown.… Read Full Article

I Waged a Massive Israel vs. Syria Tank War Simulation

And it was brutal.

by War Is Boring (The National Interest)

The odds were staggering. Just 177 Israeli tanks facing horde of 1,400 tanks of the Syrian army. Just 200 Israeli infantry facing 40,000 Syrians.

(This article by Michael Peck originally appeared at War is Boring in 2013.)

Even 40 years after the fact, the Israeli defense of the Golan Heights in October 1973 remains an epic tale of bravery and self-sacrifice as David’s tanks fired like madmen at the waves of armored Goliaths rolling relentlessly toward them.… Read Full Article

The Problem with Russia’s New Armata Tank


by Task and Purpose (The National Interest)

Along with the Armata production problems, the Su-57 5th generation stealth fighter has also been shelved for the time being due to budgetary constraints.

When Russia first unveiled the T-14 Armata tank to the public in 2015, western militaries took note of next-generation juggernaut’s futuristic and flexible design, which was built to replace several armored ground units.… Read Full Article