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Analysis: Putin’s bro-five with Saudi crown prince reveals the G20’s diplomatic dance

By Rob Crilly, The Telegraph

It’s the bro-five. That moment when two like minded members of a brotherhood come together, outstretched hands colliding in a clasp somewhere between a high-five and a handshake.

If Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, had any nerves about how he would be received at the G20 summit – his first major trip since being implicated in the murder of a dissident journalist – then Vladimir Putin’s warm but calculating greeting would have put him at ease.… Read Full Article

Russia Wanted a ‘Carrier-Killer’ Missile. Here’s Why It Failed.

by Michael Peck, The National Interest

Russia’s very own DF-21D?

Note that Anufriyev assumed that even armed with a nuclear warhead, a ballistic missile aimed at a carrier would be ineffective unless many missiles were launched. His conclusion? “Only submarines and aircraft can present a basic threat to the aircraft carriers.”

China’s development of anti-ship ballistic missiles has raised fears that U.S.… Read Full Article

Putin says Russia ditching dollar in sanctions response

Moscow (AFP) – President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Russia had no choice but to cut its dependency on dollars to conduct trade, after becoming the target of increasingly severe US sanctions.

“It isn’t our goal to desert the dollar,” Putin told an investment forum in comments broadcast on national television.… Read Full Article

Russia Fires on Ukraine’s Navy Near Crimea as Tensions Flare

By , and , BLOOMBERG

  • Six Ukrainian sailors injured; Russia also seizes some vessels
  • EU and NATO call for restraint; UN Security Council to meet

Russia fired on Ukrainian warships and injured some of their crew members, marking a dramatic renewal of tensions between the ex-Soviet neighbors near the peninsula of Crimea that President Vladimir Putin annexed four years ago.… Read Full Article