19 Of The Most Evil Women In History [#1 – Fusako Shigenobu]

Fusako Shigenobu

After a career as a student activist, she volunteered with the PLO before forming the Japanese Red Army. In her attempts to unite Japan under Communist revolution, she became a full-fledged terrorist.

She is responsible for orchestrating the 1974 attack on the French embassy in The Hague, and assisting the 1960 hijacking of TWA flight 840.… Read more

19 Of The Most Evil Women In History [#6 – Lizzie Borden]

3. Lizzie Borden

Accused of murdering her family with an ax, she was one of the first criminal cases to gain nationwide attention.

Acquitted after trial, speculation continues to this day as her guilt is still widely assumed.

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19 Of The Most Evil Women In History [#7 – Elizabeth Bathory]

7. Elizabeth Bathory

Using her political status in the 16th century, she was responsible for the torture and murder of over 650 women who were be lured into her castle in hopes of finding a job.

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19 Of The Most Evil Women In History [#9 – Irma Grese]

9. Irma Grese

This Nazi woman tortured and killed Jewish women who were more attractive than herself. She believed she would have a career in the movies once Germany won World War II, but instead was hanged for her crimes in 1945.

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