China is our greatest foreign policy issue. But neither Trump nor Biden have it right.

by Robert Robb, Arizona Republic | USA TODAY Opinion

The most important foreign policy issue for the next American president will undoubtedly be relations with China. Unfortunately, neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden have an approach grounded in reality, with a clear-eyed view of our national interests.… Read more

China claims ‘important breakthrough’ in space mission shrouded in mystery

by Pratik Jakhar – BBC Monitoring | BBC

The spacecraft was launched using a Chinese Long March 2F rocket

Ever since China claimed success in the secretive launch of an experimental spacecraft, experts have been pondering over what it could be and what it did in space.… Read more

Why East Asians Were Wearing Masks Long Before COVID-19

by Brittany Wong, Senior Lifestyle Reporter, HuffPost | HuffPost Life

(This article first appeared on September 18, 2020)

Growing up in South Korea, Jamie Cho knew from childhood that if she got sick, she had to put a face mask on, even if it was just a common cold.… Read more

U.S. Spy Plane Impersonates Malaysian Aircraft, Apparently to Fool China

by Kyle Mizokami | Popular Mechanics

From Popular Mechanics

  • A U.S. Air Force RC-135W reconnaissance aircraft carried out several flights off China’s Hainan island.
  • The plane switched its transponder code in mid-flight, mysteriously becoming a Malaysian airplane.
  • The RC-135W was likely trying to keep a low profile while it spied on Chinese military bases.
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Jet Li returns to the screen as ‘Mulan’s Emperor, dismisses health reports: ‘I just smile’

by Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY | USA TODAY Entertainment

Jet Li is back onscreen bringing power as the mighty Emperor in “Mulan,” the global star’s first movie in four years.

It’s a welcome return for fans of the martial arts legend, 57, who has starred in the “Expendables” franchise, “Romeo Must Die” and  “Lethal Weapon 4.”… Read more

The Asian American community needed ‘Mulan.’ Does it deliver?

by Justin Chan | In The Know

As Asian Americans continue to confront racism and xenophobia amid a pandemic, the 2020 release of “Mulan” comes when many members of the community — mainly Chinese Americans — sorely need some reassurance about their own identity.… Read more

Chinese AI Giant Blacklisted by Trump Thrives in Virus Era

by Lulu Yilun Chen | Bloomberg

(This article first appeared on August 18, 2020)

(Bloomberg) — The future of China’s largest artificial intelligence company was thrown into question last year when it was blacklisted by the Trump administration. Today, SenseTime is thriving with growing demand for its facial recognition software, especially as local governments in China adopt its technology to battle the coronavirus.… Read more

China Just Killed Its $491 Billion Private Loan Market

by Shuli Ren | Bloomberg

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Sometimes you’ve got to wonder what Beijing’s priorities are: helping small businesses weather the Covid-19 storm or taking victory laps. The message to the private banking world is unclear. 

Beijing has vowed to cut the cost of borrowing, and its latest target is private loans.… Read more

Windows, Gates, and a firewall: Microsoft’s delicate castle in China

by Greg Baker | AFP

Microsoft, which is in talks to buy part of Chinese video app TikTok, is one of the few US tech titans that have managed to succeed in China.

The software giant has kept its business alive in the country by complying with strict local laws, despite the communist nation’s wide-reaching censorship.… Read more