The Real Coronavirus Problem: The Racism It Creates Is Real

And it must be confronted.

by Korey Pasch | The National Interest

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Wuhan, China, stories of courage and strength have captured our collective attention as the disease spreads.

We have also seen large-scale efforts in China to combat coronavirus, including the construction of new hospitals and facilities in provincial areas as well as the massive quarantine of millions of people.… Continues

Coronavirus Proves One Thing: China’s Rise Is Built on Quicksand

We may not build hospitals in 10 days with forced labor, but we are better able to create conditions where we don’t have to.

by Jarrett Stepman | The National Interest

Despite China’s incredible economic success as of late, it’s important to remember that it is still fundamentally a communist country.… Continues

China legal activist who called on Xi to ‘give way’ arrested: activists

By Huizhong Wu | Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese authorities have arrested a prominent rights activist and legal scholar who had called on President Xi Jinping to step down over his handling of crises including the coronavirus outbreak, two fellow activists said on Monday.… Continues

Wildlife Markets Are Ticking Time Bombs For Epidemics Like Coronavirus

by Chris D’Angelo | HuffPost

(This article first appeared on February 9, 2020)

Dozens of species that rarely, if ever, come in contact with one another in the wild ― fish, turtles, snakes, bamboo rats, bats, even foxes and wolf cubs ― are confined in close quarters, waiting to be butchered and sold.… Continues

This Cheap Fighter Jet From Sweden Battled China’s Air Force (And Won)

The fighter you never heard of—until now.

by David Axe Follow @daxe on TwitterL | The National Interest

Key Point: Beijing had superior planes to the Swedish-built Gripens the Thai were using. However, the Thai pilots were much, much better trained.… Continues

More than 64,000 infected, GDP cuts, and SARS parallels: Here’s how bad the global economy could get as the coronavirus outbreak rages

by (Gwen Everett) | Business Insider

food delivery china coronavirus

Tingshu Wang / Reuters

  • Coronavirus has infected 64,000 and killed 1,380 so far. And as the health crisis worsens, it’s become increasingly clear that the outbreak will have wide-reaching economic consequences. 

China’s Military Is Hoping To Study Its Way Out Of Its Combat Experience Gap Vs. America

What has it learned from the Battle Of Guadalcanal?

by Lyle J. Goldstein | The National Interest

Key point: At the grand strategic level, this Chinese Navy analysis assesses that Japan’s mistakes in the Guadalcanal campaign were partly a failure to reckon with the true significance of the Midway battle a couple of months prior in June 1942.… Continues

China is considering postponing the central event of its political calendar, an embarrassing admission that it has lost control of the coronavirus

by (Mia Jankowicz) | Business Insider

Chinese President Xi Jinping at the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress at the Great Hall of People in Beijing in March 2018.

Etienne Oliveau/Getty Images

  • The Chinese government is considering postponing its most important annual political gathering over fears of the spread of the coronavirus, according to state media.

All it takes to fool facial recognition at airports and border crossings is a printed mask, researchers found

by (Aaron Holmes) | Business Insider

Kneron team member next to his own high quality 3D mask


  • Researchers with an artificial-intelligence firm said they were able to fool facial-recognition software at an airport and mobile-payment kiosks using a printed mask, highlighting security vulnerabilities.

Withdrawing From the INF Treaty Was the Easy Part

After observing Washington’s behavior under Donald Trump, countries in the Asia-Pacific region have increased their cooperation with China, called for their own nuclear weapons, and rejected hosting America’s intermediate-range missiles.

by Paul J. Leaf | The National Interest

The United States recently left the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, in part to deploy new conventional missiles in the Asia-Pacific Theater to deter China.… Continues