As businesses reopen and shoppers return, coronavirus is rebounding, but government isn’t tracking retail-based outbreaks

by Jesse Chase-Lubitz, Contributor | Yahoo News

(This article first appeared on June 20, 2020)

With states around the country reopening, shoppers are returning to malls and visiting stores again, prompting worried public health officials to point to rebounding cases of infections in some regions.… Continues

Kitchen Tips I’ve Learned While Cooking During Quarantine

Expanding my culinary world one recipe at a time.

BY ADAM SCHUBAK | Country Living

(This article first appeared on June 18, 2020)


Prior to the pandemic and mandatory stay-at-home order, I was never much of a cook.… Continues

10 Household-Name Brands Filing for Bankruptcy or Closing Stores Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

by People

(This article appeared on June 18, 2020)

From iconic stores to famous chain restaurants, a growing number of beloved brands are filing for bankruptcy, shifting their focus to e-commerce, or shutting down operations entirely as they face unprecedented financial stress

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Neiman Marcus

Days after furloughing many of its 14,000 employees, Neiman Marcus officially announced its decision to file for bankruptcy on May 7, according to NBC News.… Continues

Coronavirus crisis is now 2nd-worst pandemic in US history

by John Roach | AccuWeather

(This article first appeared on June 17, 2020)

Many colleges and universities are making plans for in-person classes in the fall, restaurants and bars and open and people are out interacting with each other again in many places.… Continues

National Corvette Museum Reopens With New Mid-Engine Exhibit

The museum has been hard at work making renovations and upgrades during its 12-week closure.

BY JEFFREY N. ROSS | Motorious

(This article first appeared on June 8, 2020)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Corvette Museum temporarily closed its doors to the public on March 18.… Continues

The US is not done with the coronavirus pandemic, and a Harvard expert says we need to shift the blame game from reopening to fixing our testing and contact tracing system

by (Lauren Frias) | Business Insider

(This article first appeared on June 13, 2020)

Associated Press

  • After weeks of lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the US is on its way to reopen the economy. However, a number of states have been reporting spikes in new cases throughout the country.

Which major retail companies have filed for bankruptcy since the coronavirus pandemic hit? Here’s the list.

by Emily Pandise | NBC News

(This article first appeared on May 29, 2020)

From iconic department stores to entertainment giants, the coronavirus has seemingly spared no one in its devastation of the U.S. economy.

Falling consumer demand, reduced entertainment spending, and stay-at-home orders mandating certain businesses stay closed continue to take their toll on a retail industry that has been struggling for the past several years as consumers pivot to online shopping.Continues

The Chinese CDC now says the coronavirus didn’t jump to people at the Wuhan wet market — instead, it was the site of a super-spreader event

by (Aylin Woodward) | Business Insider

(This article first appeared on May 28, 2020)

A photo of the Wuhan Seafood Wholesale market, January 21, 2020.

Dake Kang/AP