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Based upon the movie “Notes on a Scandal”.

Nosferatu, Chapter 11

The Pale Lady, and her Kiss and Tell


In Atomic Blonde, Oscar-winner Charlize Theron stars as elite MI6’s most lethal assassin and the crown jewel of her Majesty’s secret intelligence service, Lorraine Broughton. When she’s sent on a covert mission into Cold War Berlin, she must use all of the spycraft, sensuality, and savagery she has to stay alive in the ticking time bomb of a city simmering with revolution and double-crossing hives of traitors.… Read Full Article

Nosferatu, Chapter 10

A Night to Remember


And there it is. All laid out in front of her. In a moment of clarity. Lucy finally remembers everything. Every transgression committed against her and every transgression against others that she has been coerced into committing via her drugged subjugation.… Read Full Article

Nosferatu, Chapter 09

Half the Fun


Half-n-half is a water-soluble elixir made from diadem and the cerebral cortex of aborted human fetuses.

When ingested by humans, over a long period of time, half-n-half acts as a DNA-extender. It helps retard the aging process, wards off illnesses, and extends the life-span of its users.… Read Full Article

Nosferatu, Chapter 08

A Passion for Acting


A belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.—Joseph Conrad, Under Western Eyes, 1911


Found Love in the RFT Personals? It’s a chance encounter.… Read Full Article

Nosferatu, Chapter 06

Undressed Rehearsal


Between and betwixt. Babs is running the girl in one of her favorite loops, again. A loop the girl will again forget about as soon as the loop ends.

The girl slams the door shut. She shucks her panties and socks.… Read Full Article

Nosferatu, Chapter 05



Discipline is merely the foundation upon which we build the things we desire.”


There was a time in her life when Frau Covett wore the insignia of the SS sown onto the jacket lapels of her severe, grey skirt suits.… Read Full Article

Nosferatu, Chapter 04

Born Better


Time’s on their side, not ours. They’re immortal. Mind you, their kind do age, they just don’t age like us finite mortals do. They are unchanging, except in the positive. They only feign the “negatives” of old age, that’s when/if they choose to.… Read Full Article

Nosferatu, Chapter 03

Luc vs. Luce vs. Loose


Little Lucy is due July 15th. As we use her name more, we’ve found ourselves using the nicknames ‘Loose’ and ‘Lucy Goosey’. However, we’re not sure how to spell it. We’re afraid Loose may lead to bad connotations.… Read Full Article

Nosferatu, Chapter 02

I’m so GLAAD to see you, again


Notes on a Scandal 2—Cate Blanchett (Actor), Judi Dench (Actor), David Lynch (Director)

In the sequel, which, unlike the first movie, is more of a softcore porn flick than a seat-of-the-pants thriller.… Read Full Article