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Carver 2: No One. The sequel to Carver (2008).

Carver 2: No One, Chapter 10

Serial Killers


With their decrepit shopping cart nearby. They dig through a dumpster for lunch. Supplementing their kitty with twenty-dollar blowjobs.

Karen’s teeth are so filthy, they look rotten. A long, facile, dirty tongue. Long dirty ragged fingernails and toenails.… Read Full Article

Carver 2: No One, Chapter 9

Taking Mildred Huff

Karen is in a skidrow diner. Two miles away from Sister Edy’s parish. After their first “date”, Karen decided to take in the sights. She got on a city bus and just rode it to the end of its route.… Read Full Article

Carver 2: No One, Chapter 8

A Chance Encounter

Found Love in the RFT Personals? It’s a chance encounter. Karen answering a lonely nun’s advertisement in the Riverfront Times personals. The nun is a Bene Gesserit. Karen doesn’t know this Sister Edy. But. It turns out that this Sister Edy knows the deceased Karen Digney, and is obsessed with her.… Read Full Article

Carver 2: No One, Chapter 7

The Morning After

It’s the morning after date night. So. As always. For the duration of the girl’s stay. With one notable exception. Neither woman will wear any clothes or shoes.

Helen admires her handiwork. Subjecting Karen to electroshock and then butchering the girl’s brain.… Read Full Article

Carver 2: No One, Chapter 6

The Date: Part Two, Helen Funches

It is very late at night. The sitting room of the private residence of local resident Ms. Helen Funches. Wagner plays from an antique grammar phone in the background.

Karen parted ways with Billy Hall, hours ago.… Read Full Article

Carver 2: No One, Chapter 5

The Date: Part One, with Billy Hall

The English Kate. A modern-day anachronism. Beautiful tailoring on this otherwise drab vintage 1940s ladies suit. Medium weight 100% wool in a nice flecked gray tweed. No accents, whatsoever. Severe. Form fitting and figure flattering.… Read Full Article

Carver 2: No One, Chapter 4


From time to time. Her limbic cortex and pineal gland expand exponentially, displacing her frontal lobes in the process, and, in effect, lobotomizing her. Eventually reducing her to an oversexed deranged lunatic, 24×7.

Many people call the limbic cortex “The Lizard Brain” because the limbic system is about all a lizard has for brain function.… Read Full Article

Carver 2: No One, Chapter 3

The Other One

The night before a full moon. She begins ranting and raving, incessantly. During the full moon, she changes into something else, something much worse. She becomes a mindless, depraved, sexually-insatiable leechwoman in the guise of a Zuni Fetish Doll.… Read Full Article

Carver 2: No One, Chapter 2

No One

Over a decade has passed. The girl has starred in numerous snuff films for Billy Hall. In his movies, her costume consists of a cannibal necklace, hand-bra, soiled pink panties, and a skimpy crop top. And, in the movie credits, her “No One” character is listed as being played by actress Karen Michelle Digney.… Read Full Article

Carver 2: No One, Chapter 1

A Star is Born!

At the end of Craver (2008), Billy Hall Carver laments the fact that his star and kin, Bobby Shaw Carver, has been killed by one of the victims of their snuff film. Then he hears loud sounds coming from behind him.… Read Full Article