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In the tradition of Blade Runner and Altered Carbon.

Murder on Mars, Chapter 18

Have Archaeologists Finally Solved The Mystery Of Atlantis?


Donnelly’s theory is still popular among some of today’s theorists. This is because it shares the same location with where Plato described Atlantis to be. It has since been debunked by modern oceanographers.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 17

The Story Behind The Pointy ‘Bullet Bra’ Trend Of The 1950s


Remember the pointy corset Jean Paul Gaultier created for Madonna? In the fashion world, that’s what we call a “bullet bra”. The thing is, Jean Paul Gaultier didn’t even invent the strange contraption.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 16

Königseggwald: The Swedish Super Egg


Kate Spade Joyann eyeglasses re-imagine the 1950’s with a modern twist for woman who enjoys a retro vibe. Famous for a fresh, whimsical sensibility, Kate Spade eyeglasses elevate any look with a youthful energy. Sporting a full rim wingtip shape, these frames are constructed in Acetate for outstanding wearability.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 15

The Avengers


The corselette strictly enforces projectile breasts, a wasp waist, a pancake ass, and a stiff-back posture. A torture device born out of high fashion, whose name is severity, no matter how you try to recouch its narrative.

Out here in the battlefield, it is the cornerstone of an outfit that looks completely out of place.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 14

Fight the Power


A caricature of femininity. That is the definition of a corselette. Figuratively speaking, it is the seamless fusion of a bullet bra and a girdle corset. The artificially exaggerated curves of its bullet bra gives the wearer’s bosom that sexy “missile” look, resulting in an especially voluptuous chest and profound, thought-provoking cleavage. … Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 13

The Rise of Proxy Wars


proxy war is an armed conflict between two states or non-state actors which act on the instigation or on behalf of other parties that are not directly involved in the hostilities. In order for a conflict to be considered a proxy war, there must be a direct, long-term relationship between external actors and the belligerents involved. … Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 12

Prelude to a Kiss


As a species, they are predatory, by nature. And, taking that to its logical conclusion, they are avowed warmongers. As such …

Somewhere in Creation, they are fighting. Typically a nameless, faceless war, without easily discernable purpose or intent, except for the total annihilation of their enemy.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 11

The Faust in Our Stars


“Why so glum, my friend, after so glorious a victory over the humans for the Oligarchy?” Asks the Duke of Marlborough, after the Battle of Blenheim, of an Oligarch soldier who’s leaning thoughtfully on the butt of his flintlock.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 10

Speed Kills, Timing Beats Speed, Shadow Longships Beat All Comers


“It is jet-black. A shade of black so deep, your eyes just kind of slide off it. And this longship kind of shimmers when you look directly at it. An elongated spider, big as death and twice as ugly.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 09

The Babylon 5 Project


Apocalypse Box—An Apocalypse Box is an object with mysterious origins and purpose, though it is known to possess a personality and can divulge information dating back thousands of years. There are said to be six Apocalypse Boxes and that the previous owners of all but one have ended up murdered.… Read Full Article