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Question: What the fuck is an Ann Coulter?! Answer: The other GOP Goddess! In other words, Ann Coulter, A Close-up of Conservative Perfection and an archetype ultra-Right Wing firebrand.

Shooting Guns with Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter looks like a textbook feminist. Without a husband or a staff position at a major media company, she has created an enormous national brand, writing 11 New York Times bestsellers and selling over 3 million books. And although the public views her as a bigot, she’s friends with tons of gay guys and black standup comedians.… Read Full Article

In Depth with Ann Coulter

August 7, 2011 – Author and syndicated columnist Ann Coulter talked about her life and career. She responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Topics included politics, the media, and the culture wars.

A video clip was shown of Ms. Coulter talking to people as she signed books at a book launch party held by the Heritage Foundation.… Read Full Article

Ann Coulter | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union

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Ann Coulter is an American conservative social and political commentator. She rose to prominence in the 1990s as an outspoken critic of the Clinton Administration, and has more recently become one of President Trump’s most notable supporters.… Read Full Article

The Master Race, Chapter 38

Light, Camera, Action!


“Point-of-view, or simply p.o.v., camera angles record the scene from a particular player’s viewpoint. The point-of-view is an objective angle, but since it falls between the objective and subjective angle, it should be placed in a separate category and given special consideration.… Read Full Article

Mein Kampf …, My Struggle – Chapter 01

Band eins: Eine Abrechnung …, Volume One: A Reckoning


For the foreseeable future … Chicks with dicks—i.e., either Parts or a penis and testicles, on girls. Fashion “stylings” come and they go, and they do recycle. But, for now. That one has most definitely had its fifteen minutes of fame and then some, and yet it’s STILL here, just like Paris Hilton.… Read Full Article