Koo Stark, Please – [“The Little Black Suit”]

Von Carmen is wearing her usual ensemble. A sternka and Death’s-Head rosary that are as much a part of her uniform as anything else she has on. The expected outlash and thi-highs. A blue-tint monocle, with the requisite bifurcated chain, fitted snugly in her right eye socket.… read the full article

Sternka – That spinster ‘do

Von Carmen is setting in a chair, clad in a pair of thigh-high stockings and precious little else. An original member of the 117-man SS-Stabswache Berlin, she’s built like a typical female of her persuasion. She’s truly voluptuous cheesecake, with a set of double-Es, and a gorgeous hourglass figure.… read the full article

Sternns – Those spinster eyeglasses

Von Carmen’s fantasy image of Kane is a world apart from the bare legged, hype haired, kick-ass KKK reality, the big girl is sporting. She sees her big girl still sporting a sternka, in spite of Ricky’s objections. She doesn’t see her big girl sporting rimless reading glasses, with schoolmarmish half-lenses and wire frames that hook behind the ears; instead, she sees her big girl sporting authentic vintage cateye eyeglasses, 1950s-era specs that are the epitome of sternness.… read the full article

Gina Carano and Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos [“Beauty and the Beast?”]

Each soul is a beautiful flower that passes from this Earth … only to bloom again in Heaven’s Garden. Those we held in our arms for awhile, we hold in our hearts forever. Ours is a Heaven of The Light. Theirs is a Heaven of The Endless Night.… read the full article

Kevin Nash, Booker T, and Megan Fox – Transformers [mortals in disguise]

We are delusional to go against immortality. Still, we fight, love, and create. As we are the only creatures in on life’s grand secrets who beside Them are Children of God. We sense the pointlessness beyond The Light. We sense The Endless Night.… read the full article

“Life is to Love, Learn, and Live a legacy now.”—Doctor Evelyn River-Sunn, Roku XDS [the Waffen SS of The Fifth Reich], “]

“Relax. She won’t remember a thing,” Claire reassures her boss Jayne Heitmeyer, for the umpteenth time.… read the full article