“But, she’s my Food,” the Darque that I am snarls in response! Teeth jagged. Drinking-live fangs bared. Robert thinking better released his hold, knowing in his heart of hearts, that discretion is the better part of valor: Live today so that you can fight another day.… read the full article

The Cassiopaean Experiment [“The Cassiopaean Transcripts from 1994 to 2002”]

Treepods in Boston

Scientific mystic and Paleo-Christian Shaman, Laura Knight-Jadczyk is married to theoretical/mathematical physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk.

Dr. Arkadiusz Jadczyk introduces his wife’s work in the following extract:

The name “Cassiopaea” was given by a consciously “channeled source” which Laura accessed in 1994 after two years of experimental work.… read the full article

I Bring It – [“The old ones, revisited”]

The old ones were. The old ones are. The old ones shall be. They walk the Earth, all of the Earths of all of the worlds, when the walls between worlds weaken and the gates of Yog-Sothoth swing wide open. At twilight they walk, and in the mists of the morning before the accent of the sun.… read the full article

Debras – [“Yum … Yum … More … Diva-licious”]

And, there is something new, a permanent addition to not only her SHO, but to her couture. Wraparound ankle straps have been added to her mules. In other words, her mules got tweaked.

Strappy ankle wrap debrahs: The other shoe by Naughty Monkey that was made world famous by WWF Diva, Debra “Show Me Your Puppies” McMichael, that Texas beauty queen, who kums for kicks; kums, as in “cums with Kum”.… read the full article

Deborahs, Careys, The WWF, and Miss Debra – [“Yum … Yum … Diva-licious”]




Deborahs are the strappy fetish variation of the “classic” pump she was, up till now, wearing. Deborahs are not, classic-style opera pumps, they are the popular D’Orsay (pronounced: door-say) style. Same 6-inch razor heel (6-inch stiletto heel), vamp cut, and long [as in elongated], pointed, enclosed toe.… read the full article