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Closeout Price! Recommended. By Irving Klaw. Written by Cara Winter. The collaboration between Bettie Page and Irving Klaw produced photographs that are far more than mere pin-ups, embracing fetish themes like bondage, girl fights, spanking, and all the fetish clothing, from seamed stockings to high heels. Here are satisfying large, full page photos, most of them very high quality, crisp and sharp. They have given generations of people something to admire, by showing one strong, unapologetic woman, at home in her curvaceous body, with flashing eyes and a killer smile. PSG, 2017. Mature Readers.


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The collaboration between Bettie Page and Irving Klaw produced photographs that are far more than mere pin-ups, embracing fetish themes like bondage, girl fights, spanking, and all the fetish clothing, from seamed stockings to high heels. Here are satisfying large, full page photos, most of them very high quality, crisp and sharp. Chapters include Bold, Beautiful, Bondage, Brush, Bashful and Bullwhip. Brush of course applies to the back of a brush, the favorite device for administering “discipline” from one girl, in sexy undies, to another. Bettie could be either the submissive one or the dominatrix.

The largest-sized Bettie collection we’ve seen in some time, including some double-page photos.

She could play every role, as evidenced by the “Bullship” chapter, which has her wielding an actual whip or a ride crop, but always the action is all implied, usually with just Bettie posing and looking stern and commanding! Bettie was one strong, unapologetic woman, at home in her curvaceous body, with flashing eyes and a killer smile.

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Charles Guyette: Godfather of American Fetish Art

by Richard Pérez Seves

Book Description:

Charles Guyette, the “G-string King,” referenced in the film of Wonder Woman’s creator, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, and costumer to Bettie Page, was the first person to produce and distribute fetish art in America. In 1935, he was arrested and sent to federal prison. But what should’ve been the end was just the beginning. Although rarely credited by name in his lifetime, he influenced everyone who would follow him, particularly the publishers Robert Harrison, John Willie, Irving Klaw, and Leonard Burtman. The aim of this book was to evoke the spirit of Guyette—to collect surviving fragments of a decimated catalog largely by referencing vintage fetish publications from the 1930s through the 1980s and reconstruct a lost history. This portfolio of images is followed by biographical information seen nowhere else, and serves as a substantial introduction to the birth of American fetish art and the cultural impact of an unrecognized pioneer.


“If New York collector, writer and fetish historian Richard Pérez Seves had not decided to assemble what he knew about Charles Guyette (along with a substantial selection of images) into this paperback, this influential forerunner of the genre’s better known exponents would have continued a lot longer as the great unsung hero of American fetish art.”
—Tony Mitchell, thefetishistas.com

From The Author:

“Fetish art (although the word “fetish” was not used in those days as that term came into fashion in a non-clinical way in the 1970s) was about testing the boundaries of freedom. Some of it had to do with unconventional sexual expression … but more of it had to do with fashion because of how identity and gender are connected to what we wear.

Charles Guyette was a sexual fantasist, who earned his living as a costumer. He sold photos of his “costume studies” on the sly. He produced custom-made high-heel boots and shoes, sold corsets, opera gloves, and other eccentric accessories. He understood the transformative power of clothing, particularly “bizarre” and theatrical fashion. He is also referenced in the new film on Wonder Woman’s creator, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, as the costumer for Wonder Woman’s real life inspiration, Olive Byrne.”
—Richard Pérez Seves

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300314 – Etq 14 [Exotique, Number 14]

#300314 – Etq 14

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Exotique No-14, Tana Louise on the cover

Exotique, Number 14
Burmel [Leonard BURtman/Ben HimMEL] Publishing Co.
New York, New York
c. 1957

optimized for ebook viewing
digital replica

At the age of 36, Mr. Burtman candidly describes his sexual interests in his nationally-distributed Exotique publications. He provided the magazine’s direction and created content as well, writing some of the prose and taking many of the photographs.

While Mr. Hefner produced images of his own female ideal (innocent beauty), Mr. Burtman’s dream goddess knew more about his sexuality than he did. She understood how to tease a measurable response from a nearby male (i.e., a fetishist) — dress in long stockings, tight gloves, high heels, and a figure-shaping corset.

Exotique No-14, Tana Louise inside content

Exotique, Number 14, teems with fetish finery that a certain kind of man would characterize as intensifying the femininity of the wearer. A Fashion Fantasia tell the story of a fictitious Parisian fashion show. The prose names each of the models and describes the fetish footwear, foundation garments and hosiery they wear for their by-invitation-only audience. Three Gene Bilbrew illustrations picture the text.

Set in Mexico, the first installment of La Cabeza Humana (human head) by Allan Wilson smokes with atmosphere. It’s a suspense yarn about an assassination plan, a famous bandit, greed, lust and subterfuge. The prose describes the female characters and their fetish attire in detail. Two early Eric Stanton illustrations show scenes.

In her From Me to You column, Miss Exotique Tana Louise gives us a candid tour of her Leather Closet while she selects what to wear to the ball. She provides history of her boots and compares heel heights. Photographs disclose her sexy countenance “trying to decide on the boots.”

Stanton and Bilbrew filler illustrations and photos show pretty posers in corsets, stockings and high heels. The issue ends with an episode of Gene Bilbrew’s “Mistress” comic serial.

As many photographs and illustrations fill the original pages from top to bottom, the digital replica provides the visual value of an optimized ebook. This ebook presents the pictures full-size or a bit larger. Although tonality adjustments enhance clarity, some photos show graininess when magnified.

The original page sequence has been retained. A few page layouts were revised to avoid reducing picture size to fit ebook pages. All original scans.

To make the most of smaller illustrations and the comic panels, this product includes an optimized edition. All photographs and drawings are included in the optimized ebook.

In Exotique, 14, we find a fetishist’s vision of femininity on 68 pages of prose and pictures. The digital iterations offer the best mechanism for enjoyment of all the sensuality the law allowed in the middle of the 20th century.

High Heels, Volume 2, Number 1

#300341 – H H 2 1

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High Heels, Volume 2, Number 1
Selbee Associates, Inc.
New York, New York

digital replica and optimized

Fans of high-heeled footwear generally think the higher, the better. Heels are seldom too tall. In this edition of High Heels magazine, shoes worn in photo shoots max out at about four inches but are often shorter and, on many pages, non-existent. Higher heels show up in only a small number of professional photographs and a few snapshots in the letters section.

Sheer, seamless stockings, kept in place by well-adjusted garter belts, appear in most pictorials. The graphics of RHT hosiery, snugged tight against the intriguing architecture of shapely limbs, winks from luscious thighs and well-turned ankles on page after page. If this magazines had the word leg or stocking in its title, leg and stocking fetishists would be pleased with it.

The models assemble into a bevy of shapely posers. Sexy and flirty, sweet and cute. these charmers exceed every pinup criterion of feminine appeal.

Cover cutie Gretchen show us exactly what her legs can do for stockings and nice sling-backs in her living room. Adorable Babette allures us in stockings, garter belt and mules, and then in just a smile.

In a couple of pictures, Peggy Evans shows off her pretty legs in genuine high heels. In others, she seduces us in long leather gloves, black nylons, garter belt and a smile that suggests she knows what we’re thinking.

Scintillating British brunette Margot Winsor adjusts her stocking tops and garter belt. On five pages, June Palmer appears in panties and out. Other models include Jean MacDonald and Terry Marsall.

Two short stories are introduced by Eric Stanton illustrations. His art also appears in eight panels of his Savage Sisters comic serial.

An article tells about actress Meg Myles, who appeared in Mr. Burtman’s motion picture Satan in High Heels. Written by Carlson Wade, the piece explains that she’s also a jazz singer. Varied photos illustrate her appealing assets.

Other content includes letters from readers, photos from readers and some silliness about a torture museum in Rome.

The tonality of photos has been adjusted and many spots re-touched. The page sequence has been revised to achieve continuity of three prose pieces. Some page layouts were revised to show pictures without reduction in size.

The digital replica has all the content of the 64-page original, including ads . . .
but there is ONE MISSING COMPONENT: The head of the model on the inside front cover is missing.

optimized ebook

The optimized version uses the photos and illustrations of the original 64-page magazine and makes a picture album of more than 110 pages, with one picture per page. The images are sized to fill the screen from top to bottom, reducing the need for zooming and scrolling. Picture sequence observes costume progression.

A few of the small photos are a bit grainy or rough in texture in the optimized version. Illustrations are clustered at the end of the optimized ebook.

This issue of High Heels magazine offers pretty legs in stockings and professional photography. An excellent pinup magazine with attractive models posing mostly at home, content has little connection with the nameplate. The ebook versions deliver the best medium for enjoying all the lovely curves.

Two ebooks, one optimized, delivered by download link. Price: $3.41   Tags:

Original Source: https://www.30sg.com/node/405

Leather Bar Ladies novel ebook

#400442 – L B L MS

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Leather Bar Ladies
BB – 38
a novel by Mike Santang
illustrated by Bill Ward
Eros (Goldstripe) Publishing, Co.,
Wilmington, Delaware

digital replica

During the 1970s, Eros Publishing Company launched the Bizarre Books series with diagonal Eros Goldstripe ribbons on covers. The series included male domination and female domination novels, often with forced transvestism, usually illustrated by a gifted artist.

from the back cover :
— Vic Newcombe was looking for a hot story, not a new way of life. But that’s what he found the night he stumbled into Irene’s, an ominous bar and favorite meeting place for women who loved leather, who craved domination, who needed to inflict pain to arouse their insatiable and maddened sexual appetites. These were the dominatrices, the amazons in high heels and skintight leather attire, as adept at bondage as they were at masculine abuse. Vic wanted to write a book about their life style and so he turned to Irene, the owner of the bar, for inspiration. But she gave him much more than just a good story.
After suffering a vicious sado-sexual attack by three hot-blooded bitch goddesses in the back room of her bar, he went home with Irene, never suspecting what was in store for him. There, amidst wild sexual pleasures, she taught him the ABCs of bondage and masculine debasement.
Her tortures came in many packages, all wrapped with the succulent tinsel of her lush and arousing body. And the more time he spent with her, the more he learned. —

Sadistic Irene takes her pleasure from Vic in conventional stud service and fiendishly unconventional twists. She enjoys whipping, paddling, pinching and anal intrusion. Often changing sexy costumes to suit mercurial whims, Irene considers herself a kind of bizarre regent who’s generous to the aspiring writer by permitting him the privilege of being the object of her cruelty.

Seductive Irene wears high-heeled shoes or boots, stockings, waist-cinchers, corset, and gloves when she degrades her victim. In one scene, she has Vic in pantyhose.

Except for advertising, the ebook has all the content of the paperback volume, including the color cover and back cover. While later Bizarre Books volumes were published with 12 ink drawings, Leather Bar Ladies has 16 illustrations by the Great Bill Ward. Tasty fetish features of these voluptuous images are repeated, enlarged, on separate pages. As the ebook shows images as large as possible on monitor screens, it functions as an optimized version on 50 picture pages.

The narrative does a good job of describing the vicious attitudes of the women. They enjoy abusing their prey and using them to satisfy relentless sexual appetites. They are drawn as competent villains who outwit and overpower men. For those who enjoy reading about sadists who play with helpless men, Leather Bar Ladies delivers an enjoyable read with nasty punishments and sensual sex scenes.

Illustrations depict incidents in the story and the grand female figures of alluring sadists. As permitted by story content, page sequence was revised to position each picture close to related prose, but not every picture is described nor does every scene appear in pictures.

Except for ads, the ebook contains all the content of the original paperback book. All original scans.

The text has been completely re-set for the ebook version. Editing changes spelling and punctuation. Superfluous words and phrases were eliminated to relieve redundancy and achieve a smoother read. 37,000 words.

The author, artist, editor and printer worked collaborated effectively to produce the excellent Leather Bar Ladies volume in 1973. There has never been a better mechanism for enjoying this rare femdom fantasy.

Original Source: https://www.30sg.com/node/387

Vintage Magazine and Comic Art E-Books: Eric Stanton, Gene Bilbrew, Bill Ward, Robert Bishop, et al

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