Injustice, the Gods among us: S5 E5: 35 Interesting Vintage Snapshots of 1960s Women With Bouffant Hairstyle

Injustice, the Gods among us is based upon SyFy Channel’s The Magicians.

Starring Kirstjen Michele Nielsen (Olivia Taylor Dudley), the Alice Quinn of SyFy Channel’s The Magicians.

A bouffant is a type of hairstyle characterized by hair raised high on the head and usually covering the ears or hanging down on the sides.

The modern bouffant, considered by one source to have been invented by British celebrity hairdresser Raymond Bessone, was noted by LIFE in the summer of 1956 as being “already a common sight in fashion magazines.”

The style became popular at the beginning of the 1960s when First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was often photographed with her hair in a bouffant, and her style was widely imitated. Generally speaking, by the mid-1960s many well-dressed women and girls were wearing some form of bouffant hairdo, which in one variation or another remained the fashionable norm until supplanted by the geometric bob cut at the end of the decade, and the looser shag or feathered styles of the early 1970s.

Middle-aged women who dressed conservatively clung to the style a little longer, while their teenaged daughters, imitating the look of popular folk-rock singers such as Joan Baez, Mary Travers, and Cher, began abandoning bouffants in favor of non-bouffant long, straight “ironed hair” as early as 1965.

But the real kicker is the specter of MPD taken next level. Peggy as four distinct metaphysical beings sharing the same physical body, all of them named Peggy. A Quad Trope. Each trope has a different physical appearance: (1) is Grimm, as aforementioned; (2) is Harpy; (3) is Hag-Goon mongrel; and (4) is a Borg queen. Each trope has its own ways, means, and mannerisms: (1) acts Grimm, (2) acts Harpy, (3) acts Hag-Goon mongrel, and (4) acts undesignated Borg queen. Ergo, this Peggy “aggregates” herself, Doc, Tank, and an undesignated Borg queen (A Null). A coincidence? No. A construct? Yes.

Additionally, this depraved degenerate quad trope is cursed. It is a curse that is extremely contagious, insanity inducing, and highly addictive. So, in the end, Peggy, that literal-not-figurative plurality, finally got what they most coveted: Kirstjen.

The baccalaureate program? Doc decimates Tank—extinction event. Thump. Peggy decimates Doc—extinction event. Thump. Kirstjen decimates Peggy—extinction event. Thump. Last girl standing is the girl boss.

What really happens? Doc never gets a chance to impose her will on Tank. Kirstjen shuts down Tank, from the git-go. Wisely, neither Doc nor Peggy decides to interfere with Kirstjen giving Tank a master class ass whooping. Tank proves to be a most formidable foe, nonetheless.

During the penultimate of Kirstjen vs. Tank, as if for some unknown reason Peggy is now assuming that Kirstjen is finally distracted and spent enough to be advantaged, Peggy seizes her perceived opening and bushwacks Kirstjen. Splat. Kirstjen butchers Peggy and what’s left of Tank.

But, why in all of Creation would Peggy do such a rash and imprudent thing as attacking Kirstjen like she did? It’s as if Peggy was being influenced to do so. And if so, by whom?

In the aftermath, only Kirstjen and Doc are left standing, so to speak.

Kirstjen. Not wanting to waste not one but two pieces of prime degenerate ass. Neither Peggy nor Tank gets the long kiss goodbye. Eventually, Peggy and Tank gather themselves up enough to leave their separate ways.

“Waiting for your advantage or just a little bit gun-shy about your opening?”

A fleeting whimsy: Doc wonders if she can take Kirstjen. But. Decides against it. Then wonders why she suddenly entertained such foolishness in the first place. Was she being influenced? And if so, by whom?


“Shall we coin flip to decide who procures our hotel accommodations?” Kirstjen asks jokingly.

“Let’s stick to the plan.”

“Then…You lead, I’ll follow.”

Underneath Kirstjen’s miniskirt, a Hedgehog straps her nethers and Piranhas strap her thighs. Morticia watches remotely, and smiles from ear to ear in response to the girl’s gender-bent. An abomination due to the New God’s influence. Of course, a fugly “Plain Jane” Kirstjen is Morticia’s ultimate goal.

Then, the chill. The best laid plans of mice and women gone astray. Just like that, Kirstjen is no longer strapping underneath her skirt. She even goes so far as to upload her thinz, rendering her sans eyeglasses. Think: The genocidal dominatrix of what’s harsh, hard, and alt-right. Shades of MTG, Marjorie Taylor Greene; otherwise she’s pure, unadulterated Barbara I Dream of Jeannie Eden’s Stella Johnson—i.e., Sex & Violence. Ouch!

With eyeglasses, either thinz or thick-readers: A shopworn thirty-something bespectacled dominatrix; otherwise she’s pure, unadulterated Barbara I Dream of Jeannie Eden’s Stella Johnson—e.g., MTG wearing eyeglasses.

Because of Kirstjen’s reveal. Morticia is no longer smiling. Realizing that the girl is playing her. Realizing that the girl must be aware of her remote viewing. Realizing that she has no influence over the girl whatsoever beyond what the girl allows her to have. Realizing too late that Kirstjen MUST have a Warder’s bond in concert with a tactical brilliance and cunning. Morticia’s discovery prequels her blacking out. Before she loses consciousness, Morticia can “hear” Kirstjen’s voice looping in her mind: “Slowly, slowly from the shadows.”

Morticia’s intent was to backdoor Kirstjen via the girl’s own depravity. Instead, it’s Kirstjen who has backdoored Morticia via her own depravity. And. Kirstjen accomplished this counter with such ease akin to a hot knife cutting through butter.

Doc can tell that something is going on, but she can’t tell exactly what. And. With Kirstjen giving off that mean nasty MTG vibe akin to a Niffin, she knows better than to ask.

The unanswered question hangs in the air only briefly. Kirstjen leaves the reveal not to chance discovery. Doc doesn’t need to ask.

The reveal?

Sex & Violence. The Niffin personified. MTG, Sarah Palin, et al. That very thin veneer of the preeminent female face of WWF’s Attitude Era, Miss Debra and her Puppies! Again, “Pretty Girl” Kirstjen. Perched on the fugly precipice. As if she were the creation of one of the Dark Gods; Dark Gods, not to be confused with the Dark gods.

Elemental Magic is neither inherently good (White Magic) nor bad (Black Magic): it’s neutral. Dark Magic, on the other hand, is beyond utter Evil, and that’s what Kirstjen is now exuding in spades, metaphysically speaking.

The something gleaned?

An aside of significance. There is a nearby magic store, doubling as a Brakebills numbers station, in the Delmar Loop, The Attic of Magick. There’s been an Event followed by an Incident. Resulting in a pending catastrophe. The magic shop has a Breach in its basement that screams to be addressed and the shop’s proprietress, Lady Helen “Smitty” Mirren, is in peril, because of said Breach. Not only is Lady Smith a lesbian and spinster, she’s a Dark Lord. In all of her travels and travails, Kirstjen has never encountered one of them one of those Dark Lords.

Out of the blue, Kirstjen and Lady Mirren have made a psychic connection. How? It’s as if they’re being enabled. And if so, by whom?

Kirstjen can feel herself being “sent.”

“Change of plans. I need to be somewhere else. See you later. And. Don’t worry, I’ll find you.”

With that said, Kirstjen fades from view. Poof.

Of course, Doc knows better than to worry. She’s sure as shooting that the girl will find her.

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