Injustice, The Gods among us (De iniustitia Deorum in nobis) — S3, Ep3

SOAP = Single Purpose Synthetic Person = Homunculus, and they cannot be hacked.

= = Homunculus SAPO unam personam Synthetica, et non detruncati.

Kirstjen removes what’s left of her fake from the rapist, drags the butchered remains over to the coal bin, and tosses them in. Food for the rodents.

The girl briefly raises her skirt.

Per Cedric’s definition of Kirstjen as a sex object; a definition that lecherous Mitch McConnell shares. No telltale bulge in her thong from wearing prodigious Parts. No Piranhas chewing up her creamy-white thighs. The sizzle of lush yellow-blonde tresses let down into a mopp. Thinz. No cilice mode for her suit and bra.

Kirstjen is coming off as “straight,” albeit bookish blonde bombshell in the vein of a buttaface à la Kyrsten Sinema thanks to her eyeglasses. Without said eyeglasses, she’s Cruella as Debra, a smoldering sexpot in a promiscuous leather spinster’s stern severe getup.

For obvious reasons, “leather” Debra aka Mistress Debra is the sickest, most twisted, vilest version of Cruella.

Initially, upon her return. The girl looked quite different and behaved accordingly, per Fergie’s definition of Kirstjen as a sex object. A definition that US Senator Nancy Pelosi shares.

She was a geriatric facial short of being Fergie’s ideal—cosmetically speaking, just short of being that “disfigured” version of Cruella the flesh-n-blood robot dominatrix.

Cilice mode for her suit and bra. Long golden blonde tresses hacked off and styled into a crane. Thick-readers. Hung like a horse: huge, uncircumcised Parts stuffed into her rubber knickers. Piranhas chewing up her creamy-white thighs, mutilating them.

In spite of wearing Bolshoi-bare, she was a butterface à la Mildred Huff—rendered an aged prune and bitter divorcee lookalike, who had been rode hard and put up wet many times too many. Looking old, hardlooking, and used-up. Her hard, once-pretty, once-youthful face was age-ravaged by her hairdo and eyeglasses. The next logical step would have been a geriatric facial. Got wood, in abundance, nonetheless!

Per his definition of Kirstjen as a sex object. Cedric, the tentacled misogynistic deity, prefers her wearing a mopp and Bolshoi-bare, and either not wearing eyeglasses whatsoever or at worst wearing thinz. He also dislikes her wearing Parts, Piranhas, and a geriatric facial. Both he and Fergie prefer her in a Wednesday Addams.

Insanely jealous, the possessive Cedric often spies on the girl via jackware while she parades around as Cruella in the basement with Fergie. Cedric is being played, knows it, and he doesn’t care.

Insanely jealous, the possessive Fergie craves the girl parading around as Cruella in the basement with her. Fergie is being played, knows it, and she doesn’t care.

For her part. Kirstjen toys with the idea of keeping her hair hacked off and styled into a crane. That appeals to her, greatly, and it wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for Cedric. There are other aspects of Fergie’s Cruella, and Marti’s own sexual objectification of her, which also appeal to her. The trick is to not go too far Mildred Huff and turn off Cedric completely.

Of course, if Cedric were done away with, any objections of his would be moot, and she would be free to go as far as she wants to go with her self-mutilation, disfigurement which she derives intense sexual satisfaction from.

Of course, finishing off Cedric is not on her menu. Doing away with him, a God, would upend the status quo, and she’s here to maintain it.

As such. The reason she was purportedly sent here is pure subterfuge. She’s here to protect the interests of The Gods at all costs. Therefore. If extreme measures are deemed necessary, she will exercise them. After which, her orders are for her to stay put and lay low, for a while. The girl likes it here a lot, anyways.

If the powers-that-be, here in Alice’s Wunderland, had bothered to ask, they would have been told that she would never be sent here to unearth the truth. Quite the contrary. Kirstjen is here to make sure that the truth, whatever that truth might be, never sees the light of day.

There was no need for their attempted meddling in Prime, the home universe of Kirstjen. There is no need for their King David Gambit. There was no need for their Plan-B. Etc.

Kirstjen will make sure that the current timeline is never rebooted, by thwarting discovery and the resulting mitigation.

Part of Kirstjen’s mission has already been accomplished. The US Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known by her initials AOC, who could have blown the lid off everything. AOC’s intentions were discovered in time, and she’s been dealt with.

Like all holy-than-thou know-it-all Progressives who are left of Bernie Sanders, AOC refused to be reasoned with. That proved to be her ultimate undoing. She had the opportunity to walk away unscathed. It was her choice. All she had to do was keep her mouth shut and give up her evidence. But that would mean betraying her lofty principles to save her own skin. What a fool she was. As misguided a Liberal as they come. Now her mouth is shut forever, and her evidence was discovered anyway and destroyed.

Molded into a facsimile of Kirstjen and butchered by the rapist, AOC’s corpse was buried in the coal bin and was food for the huge sewer rats, before the planet’s three suns set? Nope. AOC befell a fate far worse than that. Beaten at her own game by the loathsome, depraved, degenerate Kirstjen, agent provocateur.

Kirstjen Michele Nielsen (Olivia Taylor Dudley) , the Alice Quinn of SyFy channel’s The Magicians

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