Injustice, The Gods among us [De iniustitia Deorum in nobis:] – season 2, episode 26

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Kirstjen Michele Nielsen (Olivia Taylor Dudley) , the Alice Quinn of SyFy channel’s The Magicians

You don’t have to train today … the world needs mediocre people, too.

Et non sunt instituendi hodie … mediocribus hominibus opus populum, quoque.

The Great Old Ones, revisited. The oldest ones were. The oldest ones are. The oldest ones shall be. They will walk the Earth, all of the Earths of all of the universes, when the walls between universes weaken and the gates of Yog-Sothoth swing wide open. At twilight they walk, and in the mists of the morning before the accent of the sun. When the moon and sun cross paths on the Dragon’s head and again upon the Dragon’s tail, they walk all the worlds of Creation. The gods dare to follow that seldom-travelled path that leads to equality with the Gods. But even they are wary of Them, never breaking or bartering the truce … which is why we Food remain safe from the ravages of their kind.

The foreplay for the informally agreed upon sexplay, ensues. The purpose of which is to create a legally binding contract between Sister Goody and Otto.

“Kayfabe. Sister Jane ‘Goodie’ Goody posing as a fake Kirstjen Michele Nielson who is posing as a fake Sister Jane ‘Goodie’ Goody. Henceforth, it’s how they, one Sister Jane ‘Goodie’ Goody and one Otto Fredrick Hardwick, will interact sexually. Before and after said business transactions, they, one Sister Jane ‘Goodie’ Goody and one Otto Fredrick Hardwick, will interact normally, per accepted social protocols. Therefore, there are no implicit or explicit clauses of exclusivity to this licit fucking—i.e., this agreement does not make Otto the Sugar Daddy of Sister Goody. Agreed?”

Otto is not so randy to get into the nun’s knickers again that he misses the harlot’s rigidly formal third-person usage. A strict legalistic usage that’s borderline psychotic for a layperson, but totally in line with an oral contract being crafted on the spot by a Catholic nun who’s a sex worker, open-air and otherwise.

He also notices that the nun’s hair is worn in a krane. More signs of a worsening mental state? The hairdo of someone who is stark raving mad? A lunatic inclined to foaming at the mouth, gnashing teeth, and wailing at the full moon? Going roofy? Or, is the nun’s frightwig hairdo merely a sample of what she astutely senses that he wants from her when she’s his fake Kirstjen doing a fake Sister Goody during their prescribed fornications?


“Kayfabe, it is.”

“Is our date still on, for later this evening?” Otta asks, somewhat sheepishly.

Then, explicably, the nun’s usage shifts back into the appropriate first-person.

“Why, of course. You call me Kirstjen. I know to wear my headpiece. It’ll be fun.”

Otta knows better than to look this gift horse in the mouth. And, buttaface or not—referring to the girl, of course. Getting to fuck a prostitute nun posing as a fake Kirstjen posing as a prostitute nun will be just as much a hoot for him as him straight-up fucking the real Kirstjen.


“Payment in cash in full, up front. No tab.”

“Of course.”

“As rough and ready, as the vilest rape.”

“Of course.”

“If you hold back, I’ll be very disappointed.”


A week of days pass. Whenever Sister Goody services her regulars, even though those johns and janes are not the reanimated Ms. Roy Jones Jr., she degenerates into that feral mindless slut. As such, she becomes prime meat for two husbands, an Old married couple, who lives in the room across the hallway from hers. The elderly women are Crogs; one is disavowed royalty named Countess Karen “Kare Bear” Digney and the other one is a defrocked nun named Mattie Eddington. During sexplay, they pretend to not being married, with Mattie posing as a convicted rapist who’s Countess Digney’s housekeeper. Enslaving and brutal, a Crog is half Crone and half Ogre—notoriously petty and envious, the females are she-males. Additionally, this devious married couple comes off as being mad as hatters even though they are as sane as bedrock. Why do they come off as so demented? Because they are depraved sour old maid bitches, and they are Elder Things. Increasingly, it is with this Karen and Matt that Sister Goody spends her waking hours redescending into the depths of madness.

Incidentally. How massive are these half-breeds? In their case, the duo’s Ogre half is Tunguska Ogre. A Tunguska Ogre is as big as, and are the physical equivalents of, Rock Trolls. And the couple’s big boned frames reflect that. Only Hulks and Juggernauts are “thicker.” As such, although they are half-breeds, the two women are almost as mountainous as Otto who is a pure-breed Hulk.

Per their dictate. Because they are obsessive-compulsive gerontophiles. When she services these half-breeds. Sister Goody’s krane is “bleached” geriatric blonde—i.e., it’s yellow blonde liberally-streaked with grey and white. And. Besides cooked hair. Plaintive make-up applied heavily to her face and neck, overlays her hophead facial resulting in the oxymoron of Fenty Beauty, Savage X Fenty to be precise, that wasteland of cosmetics and foundation makeup—i.e., wunder used as foundation makeup for plaintive makeup, also known as a medusa facial or a geriatric facial. She also straps a Hedgehog stuffed into her panties. Lastly, she doesn’t wear her headpiece, and through prehensile eyes, wearing thick-readers with thinz hanging around her neck. Not strangely enough, when she’s presenting this way, like a well-used sixty-something demented Wednesday Addams, she’s shunned like the plague by porn dog Otto and the hotel’s Mr. Gibbins who is a registered sex offender.

All of which begs the question, “when is Odd, who is recently-arrived to this universe, going to take a whack at these two sick twisted Old women who are Elder Things?” Succinctly put, “sooner than later.”

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