Injustice, The Gods among us [De iniustitia Deorum in nobis:] – season 2, episode 2

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Kirstjen Michele Nielsen (Olivia Taylor Dudley) , the Alice Quinn of SyFy channel’s The Magicians

The Time Lords

Tempus est Domini,

The best laid plans of mice and men. Even Time Lords are fallible. Case in point, The Time War, formally The Last Great Time War. The conflict pitted the Time Lords of Gallifrey against the Daleks of Skaro, and nearly resulted in the mutual destruction of both races and their entire universe.

Who are these Time Lords, and what is their back story? Well that’s a matter of “National Security” to all governments, “For Your Eyes Only”, and the most classified. As such, only a select few in the multiverse can answer that question. Fewer still will answer that question.

There is one known file on them in existence. It is a physical paper file in a nondescript file folder. Nothing electronic. Access to it is at the highest levels only. The file and its folder have been “altered” in some way such that copies cannot be made. Much of it is written by someone who only refers to himself, and is only referred to, as either The Doctor or Doctor Who. And, it reads like this …

In their universe, up until The Last Great Time War, the Time Lords of Gallifrey pursued a policy of non-intervention but also protected the time vortex. Under that objective, they intervened in two previous “Time Wars”: the first was a skirmish between the Halldons and the Eternals; the second was the slaughter of the Omnicraven Uprising. The Time Lords had also used their time travel to retroactively destroy the Charon race before it even existed.

Their need for order put them at odds with many warmongering races, e.g. the Sontarans. Most prominently, it put them at odds with the Daleks.

The Time Lords, having foreseen the possibility of the Daleks conquering the universe, sent one of their Time Agents [the Doctor, Doctor Who, a Time Lord himself, of course] into the past in an attempt to avert the Daleks’ creation, or, failing that, at least affect their development to make them less aggressive.

The mission was a complete and utter failure. Worse yet, in retaliation to this ultimately unsuccessful mission, the Daleks attempted to infiltrate the High Council of the Time Lords with duplicates, followed by an open declaration of hostilities by the Dalek Empress. Thus, this mission, founded on the best intentions, provided the spark for the conflict The Last Great Time War.

Two specific events led up to the outbreak of the war: A peace treaty was attempted by President Romana under the “Act of Master Restitution” which led to the otherwise-unexplained trial of the Master a Time Lord on Skaro. This attempt was followed by the “Etra Prime Incident” involving The Apocalypse Element, which some say “began the escalation of events”. Weapons used by the Time Lords included Bowships, Black Hole Carriers, and N-Forms, while the Daleks wielded “the full might of the Deathsmiths of Goth” and launched a massive fleet into the vortex.

The duration of the war remains unclear, with figures ranging from at least several years to thirty thousand years, though such numbers are tentative, as time itself was bent and mutilated by the effects of the war. Several races with issues with the Time Lords, e.g. the Sontarans, wished to participate but were forbidden to do so by the Dalek Empress herself.

The Doctor, in his Eighth and Ninth incarnations, fought on the front lines and was present at the Fall of Arcadia.

Davros, the creator of the Daleks, also fought during the war after his creations, which had turned against him during “Genesis of the Daleks”, rehabilitated him to a leadership position. In the first year of the War, Davros’ command ship was apparently destroyed at the Gates of Elysium after flying into the jaws of the Nightmare Child. Unbeknownst to the Doctor, who had tried to save him, Davros was rescued by Dalek Caan, who had escaped the events as described in “Evolution of the Daleks” via an emergency temporal shift.

The war resulted in countless millions dying endless deaths, as time travel was used by both sides to reverse battles that caused massive fatalities on both sides.

These excesses of time warfare eventually led to the whole of the conflict becoming “time-locked”, so that no time traveler could go back into it. The Doctor described the final days of the war as “hell”, with “the Skaro Degradations, the Horde of Travesties, the Nightmare Child, the Could-Have-Been King with his army of Meanwhiles and Never-Weres” constituting particularly disturbing developments, all of which have not yet been specified further.

As the war progressed the Time Lords became increasingly aggressive and unscrupulous. At one point, they resurrected the Master, renegade Time Lord and nemesis to the Doctor, as they believed him to be the “perfect warrior for a time war”. In fact, it’s implied that they gave him a full new set of regenerations as was done to all Time Lords fighting in the war, and that the eye of harmony could be used as a means to gain more regenerations. However, after the Dalek Empress gained control of the Cruciform, the Master deserted his post, used the chameleon arch to disguise himself as a human and escaped to a time period shortly before the end of the universe. Genetically a human, he escaped the near-destruction of all Time Lords as well as detection by the Doctor, who was unaware of his resurrection in the first place. The Master also remained ignorant of the latter phase and outcome of the war.

Leadership among the Time Lords remained vague during the earlier phase of the war. Especially the role of the Doctor’s former companion, Romana [President of the Time Lords] is avoided [possibly censored?]. Ultimately, Rassilon himself, the founder of Time Lord Society and the inventor of its time travel technology, returned from the grave to re-assume leadership, possibly using the resurrection gauntlets where one fell through the rift out of the time lock. Refusing the possibility of his civilization being destroyed by the Daleks, Rassilon prepared a doomsday scenario, the so-called “Ultimate Sanction”.

This genocidal scheme included sacrificing all of time itself, thereby destroying the Daleks and all life in the universe. The Time Lords themselves would have transcended into a non-corporeal collective consciousness that would be the only sentient form of life in existence. The Time Lords, apparently hardened by the horrors of war, gave near-unanimous support for this plan.

The Time War concluded with the near-mutual destruction of both belligerents and their respective home world planets. The Dalek fleet, reportedly ten million ships, was destroyed by the Ninth Doctor. Gallifrey is first described as having “burned” like Earth of the far future, and is “rocks and dust” as a result of the war, but then the Doctor admits that Time Lords and Daleks both burned together and that he personally ended the war, in an act which caused the Time Lords, the Daleks, and Gallifrey to burn. The Doctor was, therefore, responsible for nearly destroying his home planet. He is called “the killer of his own kind” by the beast of the Pit.

The specifics and what prompted the Doctor to such drastic measures were ultimately revealed in “The End of Time”: The Doctor had discovered a way to end the war, described as “the Moment”, when he became aware of Rassilon’s “Ultimate Sanction”. It remains unclear whether “the Moment” would always have resulted in the destruction of both antagonists together or whether the Doctor could have simply used it to destroy the Daleks and chose to destroy the Time Lords as well to prevent Rassilon’s scheme. The Ninth Doctor apparently faced a similar situation in “The Parting of the Ways” when he creates a Delta Wave to destroy the Daleks. When the wave was charged, The Doctor realized that it would not distinguish between Human and Dalek. Firing the Delta Wave would have resulted in the mutual destruction of both the Daleks and Humans, similar to the situation he faced at “the Moment”.

By this point, the entire period of war had become “time locked”, so that no time traveler could enter or exit it. In knowledge of this and the threat posed by the Doctor’s possession of “the Moment”, Rassilon and his fellow councilors tried to escape the Lock by retroactively planting a four note drumbeat, the rhythm of a Time Lord’s heartbeats, into the Master’s brain, the sound of which eventually drove the Master insane, and use a Whitepoint Star, a diamond only found on Gallifrey, to create a link between the final hours of the Time War and present-day Earth of their universe. The Master could therefore bring Gallifrey and the Time Lords out of the Time Lock and into the present. The plan ultimately failed, as the Doctor destroyed the diamond link and the Master apparently sacrificed his life, sending the Time Lords back to their apparent doom.

Faced with the specter of the extinction of their respective races and the final realization by both sides of the “no win” situation that they were deadlocked into, the Time Lords and the Daleks brokered a kind of peace under the renewed leadership of President Romana.

While they rebuilt from the brink of extinction for their respective races, there was none of this Time Lords and their order versus the Daleks and their “scripted” disorder. Resulting in a power vacuum. Darkness and chaos reigned supreme. Anarchy ruled. More members of the lesser and greater races died during this period than during The War itself. Some of those races became extinct.

Following in the adventurous footsteps of “The Doctor”, Doctor Who, the Time Lords created The Foundation. An institution coincidently dedicated to the same high moral ideals as Bene Gesserits. But, The Foundation is the Bene Gesserits minus the corruption that is Section. It’s their attempt to redeem themselves for what they had done to their universe with The War. The Foundation’s moral compass is based on The Doctor’s. Lofty principles, indeed.

Reformed, reborn do-gooders. Once they had rehabilitated their universe, they sent off The Teams of their Foundation to help out other races in other universes. Employing a newly discovered tech, new to them, of course, well known by many in the multiverse: The Bridge-Gateway.

Resuming their policy of non-intervention but also protecting the time vortex and maintaining order, only this time at the Creation level. This is when they came into contact/conflict with the Vampires, the Federation, and other powerful “self-interests” most of whom are human. This is when they become a threat to the powers that be and thus the status quo of the multiverse. In other words, this is when they appeared on the radar of the MICC this most powerful group, which President Eisenhower called the Military-Industrial-Church-Complex. This is never a healthy thing to do. Just ask Jack Kennedy. Oh, that’s right, you can’t. He’s dead.

When a Team came into a universe where Temporal Laws were applicable, the Time Lords found that the timelines there were locked, immutable, and thus time travel was prohibited. Without the stealth that their invisibility devices provided them, because Vampires could see them cloaked, they also found themselves hunted by the Vampires as game when/if their presence was discovered. Righting wrongs got a whole lot harder and a lot more dangerous. Teams had to resort to deception and misdirection. They had to go undercover. Even more than that. Something even more disturbing was afoot: objects of extinction.

In their universe of origin, Vampires cannot partake preemptively, by edict of The Gods. Unable to preemptively extinct the human race in their own universe, they sate themselves, elsewhere. Unrestricted by the Laws of Gods in universes that are not their universe of origin, Vampires are free to engage in genocide as sport. Total genocide. The Final Solution. Objects of extinction.

As such, there are universes where no life exists, because of the Vampire menace. Entire civilizations gone missing. Vanished into ruins. Sentient races made extinct, not just humans. Nothing but traces. Echoes are all that remains. Worlds bleached. Completely dead. Absolutely sterile. Not even a single microbe.

Exterminate absolute, that which is not you. In that way, Vampires are like Daleks, only many times worse and a whole lot deadlier. Behold me I am Death, Destroyer of worlds.

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