Stanley Crouch recounts rise of Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker

Jazz great and sax player Charlie “Bird” Parker was remarkable for his speed, listening and improvisational intuition. Jeffrey Brown talks to author Stanley Crouch about his new biography, “Kansas City Lightning: The Rise and Times of Charlie Parker.” …

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Biden’s health care policy will change Medicare in 2 big ways

by Dhara Singh, Reporter | yahoo! money

President-elect Joe Biden’s biggest goals for Medicare are reining in high drug prices, while making the government healthcare program available to more older Americans.

“The Biden plan reduces pharmaceutical companies’ influence on  …

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A legendary Marine battle 70 years ago is now becoming part of a rallying cry for China

by Benjamin Brimelow | Business Insider

The 1st Marine Division moves through Chinese lines during its breakout from the Chosin Reservoir. Corporal Peter McDonald, USMC
  • In November 1950, US-led forces clashed with Chinese troops for the first time during the

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