The first ‘Monster Hunter’ movie teaser sets up an enormous battle

by Jon Fingas, Associate Editor | engadget

After several years of development, you’re finally getting your first glimpse of the Monster Hunter movie in action. Sony and IGN have shared a teaser trailer (via Polygon) for Paul  …

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Seniors on Medicare Who Fall Ill With COVID-19 Could Face Catastrophic Bills

It’s bad enough that Medicare enrollees have to fear for their health. Now, many are worried about how to pay for their coronavirus treatment.

by Maurie Backman(TMFBookNerd) | The Motley Fool

We’re seven months into the coronavirus pandemic, and  …

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Researchers Have Discovered a Hidden Drawing Behind ‘Mona Lisa’

by Caroline Delbert | Popular Mechnics

Photo credit: Pascal Cotte

From Popular Mechanics


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John Cena promises ‘Fast & Furious 9’ will answer franchise questions

by Gregory Wakeman, Contributor | Yahoo Movies UK

John Cena as Jakob Toretto (Credit: Universal)

John Cena has provided a tantalising update on Fast & Furious 9, saying that fans of the franchise will have their questions answered  …

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Israeli navy prepares for arrival of new upgraded warships

by ARIEL SCHALIT | Associated Press

An Israeli soldier fires on board the Israeli Navy Ship Lahav during a rare tour of Israel’s offshore Leviathan gas field in the Mediterranean Sea, Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020. After a coronavirus-related delay, Israel’s

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The first black hole image helped test general relativity in a new way

The Event Horizon Telescope’s snapshot of M87’s black hole once again shows Einstein was right

By Lisa Grossman | Science News

Simulations of the way light and matter move around the supermassive black hole at the center of galaxy M87,

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