Congress Could Easily Make the Obamacare Supreme Court Case Disappear. Republicans Don’t Want To.

by Jeffrey Young, Senior Reporter | HuffPost

Republicans are outraged ― outraged! ― that anyone would believe they don’t support protecting people with preexisting conditions from health insurance discrimination. They feel so strongly about this that they are doing  …

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My mother-in-law is narcissistic. My father-in-law is selfish. My brother-in-law is amoral. How do we protect our inheritance?

by Quentin Fottrell | Market Watch

Dear Moneyist,

My in-laws are difficult: My mother-in-law is bipolar and narcissistic. My father-in-law is entirely selfish, and my brother-in-law is pretty amoral and lacks scruples. Trust me on this. My father-in-law and mother-in-law  …

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Massive spider web seen in Missouri photo has some asking: Could it ‘catch’ humans?

by Chacour Koop | Miami Herald

spider’s massive web in Missouri has people asking one question: What exactly is it trying to catch?

A Missouri Department of Conservation employee recently snapped a photo of the web along a trail  …

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Hilary Duff on her ‘Lizzie McGuire’ years: ‘It’s not like I didn’t sneak off and party sometimes and get drunk’

by Raechal Shewfelt, Editor, Yahoo Entertainment | Yahoo TV

While most people that came of age watching Disney’s Lizzie McGuire have fond memories of it, star Hilary Duff was not one of them for a long time. What she’s  …

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Eddie Van Halen endured a ‘horrifying racist environment’ before becoming a rock legend

by Kimmy Yam | NBC News

(This article first appeared on October 9, 2020)

Music fans around the world are mourning the loss of iconic Van Halen rock star Eddie Van Halen. And while many today honor his legacy as  …

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