Is vinyl really better than digital? Try this experiment.

After watching a video from the channel, Real Engineering, I got excited to make this video, but didn’t realize I had a lecture full of information. I don’t expect everyone to watch the whole thing so I will leave a time index list below. Watch this video if you’re into the topic, if not, listen to it to help fall asleep when you go to bed, haha.

Intro 0:00

Stereo Imaging 3:27

Information Loss 7:19

Signal Warmth/Lower Frequencies 12:40

Noise 17:57

Compression/Dynamic Range 20:03

Distortion 23:58

Vinyl vs. Digital Experiment:

Vinyl Record Ripped to Digital File 26:42

Digital File Pressed to a Vinyl Record 29:18

Closing 32:21

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