Injustice, The Gods among us [De iniustitia Deorum in nobis:] – ep. 29

Black Lives Matter, Features Don’t

Vitis nigra materia non Features

About Lisa Rinna … It’s one thing to have a nice figure when you’re a woman of certain ages, (between 50 & 75) but needing to put it on display for attention is pretty sad. My 67-year-old grandmother who has a great figure because she’s active, plays tennis, walks, does Pilates, and swims wouldn’t show that much skin despite her having a great figure. She says people can get an idea of what a woman’s figure looks like by the way her clothing drape on or silhouette her figure. — Berlin Girls FLIRTY MAGAZINE ILLUSTRATIONS from the Weimar Republic, 1923

Along with going Vonn, her new normal, Kirstjen also exercised features. She again swapped unmentionables. Out went her faux pu snakeskin bikini, and in came her prudz, corselette, and HiRISE panties. The corselette is overlapping her panties, of course. The ruffage created by figure-hugging EXO overlaying such demonstrative underwear is very H.R. Giger, and thus hideous—i.e., human and machine linked together in a cold biomechanical relationship that is anything but pretty. For Toy, that vibe alone makes the suited Kirstjen irresistible, from the neck down.

An even more freakish display of cold, hideous, biomechanical ruffage is created by Toy’s EXO overlaying the many appliances she’s wearing underneath her suit. Prudz, hand-bra, corselette, and barbwire garters being the culprits—corselet overlying hand-bra, a sight too sick for words.

Toy craves in her imagination that Kirstjen was again wearing Parts and barbwire garters, and sporting thick-readers, along with a krane, plaintive makeup, 20-percent serialized DNA, and [Koenigseggs] implants. Again, Toy must suffice with what she has to look at in actuality. The compromise makes Kirstjen such a complete and utter cunt-n-cock tease. The resulting sexual tension is palpable between the two savants who are “driving” the edgy, stupid cool EXO.

Bottomline? The Seven that Toy craves would be Mildred Huff as her dedicated Borg drone with a krane wearing Koo, half-slip, prudz, and a careys in place of an EXO. Which is a classic Mildred Huff with fucked-up hair. In a word: grotesque. The very thought of it gets Toy’s nether regions, her crotch, sopping wet.

There is Toy’s sicker fantasy of Kirstjen as Seven, of course. This craving involves Kirstjen doing the very controversial Megan Fox—i.e., a grown woman doing that naughty, nasty, underage, Parochial schoolgirl “look”, and by doing so, is doing a pure, unaltered fetish icon.

Doing Megan Fox, which is akin to but not a version of Alice Seven, Kirstjen is wearing perls, Parts, white satin corselette, prudz, black fishnet tights, barbwire garters, the high waist A-line pleated and plaid uniform miniskirt of an underage Catholic schoolgirl, those retro-futuristic Goth boots, and that perfectly-shaping black snakeskin uniform blazer of an underage Catholic schoolgirl. Klaw, when her hands are idle. Mopp. Bolshoi-bare. No eyeglasses. Hard, pretty face.

This Megan Fox is geared to the depraved tastes of pedophilic lesbians who are Catholic nuns, nuns who use adult models dressed this way as a statutory roundabout to satiate their illegal and immoral cravings. In other words: grotesque and very pretty. The very thought of this gets Toy’s nethers even wetter.

Doing this Megan Fox, Kirstjen is in pure drone mode, and therefore is Seven a Borg drone and is Toy’s total submissive. She will speak only when spoken to, and she will keep her verbal communications to the bare minimum. [Koenigseggs] implants, of course. 20% serialized DNA, again.

Doing this Megan Fox, means triggering a full-blown psychotic episode, the result of which Kirstjen’s memories get so extensively rewritten that the girl doesn’t remember that she ever was beautiful, she remembers herself as always being Coyote ugly, she sees her appearance as being extensively flawed from head to toe, and worst … except for her rooking … she only remembers herself as a robotgirl of Borg designation Number Seven, and thus this Number Seven is her one and only reality. It’s as if she’s an amnesiatic who’s additionally suffering from dissociative identity disorder (DID), also known as multiple personality disorder (MPD), colloquially known as split personality. Formally, it’s known as Amnesiatic Body Dysmorphic Disorder (A-BDD).

A-BDD. The worst of the worst from a Mildred Huff and an Alice Seven. Stiff. Stiff-backed. Severe. Robotic. Stern. Sexually repressed and sexually depraved. Monotone in manner and speech. Borderline sexless. Refers to herself in the third-person as if she’s afflicted with a split personality.

A-BDD. More than just a whiff of craving Coyote Ugly. An obsession-compulsion. Reeks of suffering from that particularly-nasty, convoluted flavor of BDD. Pretty girls can do anything, but ugly girls have to do everything. Blind and amnesiatic to her own beauty, she’s for all intents and purposes, Coyote ugly. Twisted. Creepy. Bland. Coyote Ugly. A broken mess. Damaged goods!

A-BDD. Brainwashed. Falser, equally disturbing memories. Her only pre-Borg memories are of her rooking … being raped and took. She vividly remembers being raped and assimilated as an underage Catholic schoolgirl by one of the more lecherous nuns, a Borg Queen, who taught at her boarding school. She only knows of herself as a Borg designation, who subsequently grew up to become a disgraced nun. Pure fabrication, all of it.

In many ways, this Megan Fox is far more degenerate and depraved than that Mildred Huff or that Mildred Seven, and psychologically uglier too. But, this D-Generation-X cannot be imposed upon Kirstjen by Toy. Kirstjen is well aware of Toy’s DX. And this Kirstjen seems to have no interest in either iteration of it.

As their trek proceeds, Kirstjen’s ruffage becomes liquid smooth as she swaps out her white satin corselette and HiRISE rubber panties for her faux pu snakeskin bikini and black fishnet tights; fishnets worn over bikini bottoms, of course, for that “Heidi Klum Wears Lingerie Look With Fishnets + EXO for Her Social-Distancing Hair Appointment” look. An unequivocal “no” to D-Generation-X and everything that it entails. Of course, Kirstjen’s smoothie, which is an implicit refusal to Toy’s cravings, does not dampen the robot’s twisted fixations concerning the girl, instead they stoke those fires even more. What muddies the waters and stands this trajectory on its head is Kirstjen’s longstanding acquisition, an SP (spiney Parts) aka a Hedgehog dildo—i.e., strap-on depravity taken to another level!

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