Injustice, The Gods among us [De iniustitia Deorum in nobis:] – ep. 28

Guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.

Puellae gerunt specula guys non saltus.

Deputy Assistant Secretary Christopher Robin told the same State Department briefing Thursday, “Wagner is often misleadingly referred to as a Russian private military company, but in fact it’s an instrument of the Russian government which the Kremlin uses as a low-cost and low-risk instrument to advance its goals.”

A day’s walk beyond the airport, after briefly hooking up with a caravan of Fremen, Kirstjen ditched her thinz and wholeheartedly embraced the total glam of a Lindsey Vonn, her new normal. From the neck up, it is a look that holds no appeal whatsoever for Toy. And, it is quite understandable why Toy craves Kirstjen as Seven a Borg drone doing the Coyote ugly, gender-fluid Mildred Huff, a Mildred Huff version of Toy’s Seven with the insidious BDD variant that renders Kirstjen amnesiatic. This Mildred Seven (i.e., Toy’s Mildred Huff) is a Borg version of Mildred Huff that is one of the only two templates that Toy craves the girl to ever wear. Both of those templates depict Toy’s physical and psychological fantasy robotgirl version of Kirstjen, as a deranged, submissive, sexually depraved and repressed, junkie whore Seven. Additionally, Toy’s Mildred Huff has a crane that’s unkept—i.e., the sexy tossed salad that is a crane as short unkept golden-blonde hair, and thus ruined—the short, unkept, ruined hair of a lunatic—almost a shaggy short-haired krazed—the crane reimagined as a madwoman’s frightwig—bizarre hair—a krane. Plaintive makeup applied heavily to the girl’s face and neck, of course.

Krazed. Long, wild hair. Long, unkept hair. Crazy hair. A long frightwig, no matter the hair color. The hairdo sported by the fictional Cousin Itt in the Addams Family (1965).

But, this Kirstjen is not a robotgirl, is not Borg, has never done and would not do of her own volition this Toy’s Mildred Huff, Toy is not Kirstjen’s Queen anymore, and they are not and never have been a Borg Collective of two. A deal is a deal, and it’s airtight. Therefore, there are no exception clauses, even for exceptional situations, and even if there were, this Kirstjen would never agree to exercising any such clauses of her own free will.

So, Toy suffices with lurid fantasies of the girl Kirstjen as an old ugly petty bitter vindictive spinster Mildred Huff who was forcibly assimilated into the Borg Collective as a robotgirl Seven having a Borg drone designation Seven-of-One.

For Toy, it has always been, and always will be, unsatisfying that Kirstjen was not rooked—i.e., raped and took. Instead, the girl willingly and willfully joined the Borg Collective and that is how she left it. In a word, voluntarily.

How is this Seven as Toy’s Mildred Huff dressed?

This Seven doing this Toy’s Mildred Huff, means dressing just like the most prev version of an Alice Seven. Thick-readers, perls, Parts, motley-grey hand-bra, prudz, black fishnet tights, barbwire garters, perfectly-shaping black snakeskin uniform blazer, the high waist A-line pleated and plaid uniform miniskirt of an underage Catholic schoolgirl, and those retro-futuristic Goth boots.

How does Toy’s Mildred Huff behave?

Doing this Toy’s Mildred Huff, means triggering a full-blown psychotic episode, the result of which Kirstjen’s memories get so extensively rewritten that the girl doesn’t remember that she ever was beautiful, she remembers herself as always being Coyote ugly, she sees her appearance as being extensively flawed from head to toe, and worst … she only remembers herself as a robotgirl Mildred Huff of Borg designation Seven-of-One, and thus this Toy’s Mildred Huff as this Seven is her one and only reality. It’s as if she’s an amnesiatic who’s additionally suffering from dissociative identity disorder (DID), also known as multiple personality disorder (MPD), colloquially known as split personality.

The worst of the worst from a Mildred Huff and an Alice Seven. Stiff. Stiff-backed. Severe. Robotic. Stern. Sexually repressed and sexually depraved. Monotone in manner and speech. Borderline sexless. Refers to herself in the third-person as if she’s afflicted with a split personality.

More than just a whiff of craving Coyote Ugly. An obsession-compulsion. Reeks of suffering from that particularly-nasty, convoluted flavor of BDD—i.e., pretty girls can do anything, but ugly girls have to do everything. Blind and amnesiatic to her own beauty, she’s for all intents and purposes, Coyote ugly. Twisted. Creepy. Bland. Coyote Ugly. A broken mess. Damaged goods!

This Kirstjen’s looks, couture, sexuality, mentality, coiffure, etc, is as far away from Toy’s Mildred Huff as you can possibly get.