Injustice, The Gods among us [De iniustitia Deorum in nobis:] – ep. 28

Guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.

Puellae gerunt specula guys non saltus.

Deputy Assistant Secretary Christopher Robin told the same State Department briefing Thursday, “Wagner is often misleadingly referred to as a Russian private military company, but in fact it’s an instrument of the Russian government which the Kremlin uses as a low-cost and low-risk instrument to advance its goals.”… Read more

The great Gerald Wilson and his new CD ‘Detroit’

Detroit is Mr. Gerald Wilson’s fourth release on Mack Avenue Records, and the follow-up to his critically acclaimed Monterey Moods. Commissioned by the Detroit International Jazz Festival to celebrate its 30th anniversary, Detroit is a six-part suite that evokes both the edge and the ambition of this blue collar city.… Read more

Ron Barrows plays “Carlos” with the Gerald Wilson Orchestra

The Gerald Wilson Orchestra played at Catalina’s jazz club on June 12th, 2011. Ron Barrows is featured on this classic Gerald Wilson piece, “Carlos”. Extra credit goes to Ron who played lead trumpet all night and then after a set that lasted more than and hour and a half, was featured on the last tune!… Read more

Microsoft details how it will phase out Flash support in Edge after 2020

by Jon Fingas, Associate Editor | Engadget

BRAZIL – 2020/07/11: In this photo illustration a padlock appears next to the Microsoft Edge logo. Online data protection/breach concept. Internet privacy issues. (Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Microsoft is providing more detail (via Bleeping Computer) about how it will drop support for Flash in Edge to dovetail with Adobe’s plans, including some notable exceptions.… Read more

Alice Babs & Duke Ellington – Serenade To Sweden ( Full Album )

Vocals – Alice Babs….

Duke Ellington – piano (# 1-11, 13 & 14)….

Unknown – bugel (# 5, 9 & 14)….

Billy Strayhorn – piano (# 12)….

Gilbert Rovere – Bass….

Christian Garros – drums….


A1 Serenade To Sweden 00:00

A2 The Boy In My Dreams 03:21

A3 Stoona 05:59

A4 La De Doody Doo 09:00

A5 Strange Visitor 11:19

A6 Azure 13:31

A7 Come Sunday 16:24

B1 “C” Jam Blues 21:26

B2 I Didn’t Know About You 24:09

B3 Satin Doll 28:29

B4 Take Love Easy 31:16

B5 Babsie 34:44

B6 (I Want) Something To Live For 36:36

B7 I’m Beginning To See The Light 39:32

B8 Untitled Lullaby 42:15 .… Read more