Horrid little cowards who ran away? The overseas evacuation controversy of 1940

by Tim Luckhurst, Principal of South College, Durham University | The Conversation

In the summer of 1940, with the threat of German invasion in the air, some of the wealthy and influential of Britain began privately evacuating their children to the USA and Canada.… Read more

Hellephant-Swapped Dodge Demon Makes Devilish Power

by Steven Symes | Motorious

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Is this proof Mopar is best?

426 is that magical number which should be music to the ears of Mopar enthusiasts. While the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon’s supercharged 6.2-liter V8 is an impressive mill, the prospect of dropping a Hellephant in the car proves to be a huge temptation for those with the means.… Read more

Elizabeth Hurley And Her Crazy-Toned Abs Want You To Know That ‘Pink Is An Attitude’

by Korin Miller | Women’s Health

From Women’s Health

  • Elizabeth Hurley, 55, just showed off her toned abs in a new bikini Instagram photo.
  • The model and actress was modeling a pink bathing suit cover-up in two pictures.
  • Elizabeth stays fit by getting active outside, staying hydrated, and avoiding processed foods.
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Ben Affleck To Return As Batman In Upcoming ‘Flash’ Movie That Also Will Feature Michael Keaton As Dark Knight

by Anthony D’Alessandro | Deadline

Sources have confirmed that Ben Affleck is returning as Batman in the upcoming Flash movie which Warner Bros. is putting into production.  It is to be a cameo role. And, yes, Affleck will be playing the Dark Knight alongside Michael Keaton’s Batman from the 1989 Tim Burton film, in what is billed by Flash director Andy Muscietti as a “substantial” part. … Read more

‘Tenet’ Review: Christopher Nolan’s Long-Anticipated Time Caper Is a Humorless Disappointment

by Mike McCahill | Indiewire

Entering 2020, Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” was the summer’s most keenly awaited event movie. Eight apocalyptic months on, it’s assumed the mantle of messianic cinema: a project aiming to blow minds, make a bundle, and thereby save the theatrical experience for all mankind.… Read more