Focal JM Lab Cobalt 820 Krell KRC-3 Krell KAV-250a Joni Mitchell’s Taming the Tiger, “Tiger Bones”

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Music: CD: Joni Mitchell’s Taming the Tiger, “Tiger Bones.” (Recorded 1998)

Source: DV-47a (CD)

Interconnects (Source to Preamplifier) Siltech SQ-88 G3 (RCA) with WBT-0101 terminations

Preamplifier: Krell KRC-3

Interconnects (Pre-amplifier to Amplifier) Siltech SQ-28B XLR

Amplifier Krell KAV-250a

Speaker Cable: Kimber Kable 8TC Biwire (Postmaster 25 and Postmaster 33 terminations)

Speakers: Focal JM Lab Cobalt 820 with Base Stands

Power Conditioner: Monster Cable HTS-5000 MKII

Recorded with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 via the internal microphones. Specifications (Properties) per the original file uploaded.

Audio Bit Rate: 1,537 kpbs Channels: 2 (stereo) Audio sample rate: 48kHz

Video Bit Rate:

Frame width: 1920

Frame height: 1080

Data rate: 16,059 kbps

Total bitrate 17,597 kbps Frame Rate: 29 frames/second

File Format: .MOV (QuickTime Movie)

File Size: 457,959 KB