Gretchen Whitmer is America’s most incompetent politician

by Matthew Walther | The Week

It is impossible to mount a scientific justification for Whitmer’s veto. It was an act of pure spite, a move that signaled nothing save her unlimited contempt for the Republican-controlled state legislature. Her feeble defense — that not placing virus patients in nursing homes where their chances of infecting their fellow occupants are all but guaranteed would have violated their medical rights and privacy rights — is risible on its face. Where were the supposed rights of the same individuals when they were moved from hospitals to nursing homes, ostensibly in accordance with guidelines from the CDC? Where were the rights of those who would be exposed to this lethal disease? Only three days after the first case of the virus was confirmed in Michigan, the head of the Healthcare Association of Michigan proposed treating coronavirus patients in vacant facilities in a widely shared letter. This idea, which would almost certainly have saved hundreds and perhaps even thousands of lives, was imperiously dismissed out of hand by Whitmer.

Why should anyone be surprised, though? This is the same governor who decreed that it was illegal to visit one’s own private vacation home and to purchase garden gnomes in stores that were otherwise open, who decided to open the northern half of the state for the explicit purpose of visiting Traverse City, where days later a patriotic marina owner refused to allow Whitmer’s husband to launch his expensive boat ahead of others who had been waiting longer. Whitmer is everything critics accuse President Trump of being: venal, narcissistic, hypocritical, obtuse, willfully ignorant, and totally indifferent to human life.

I can think of no greater or more obvious indictment of our national media than the fact that America’s most incompetent public servant was feted as a plausible choice for the Democratic Party’s vice presidential nomination. Republican governors can be accused, with varying degrees of accuracy, of making light of the current pandemic.

Whitmer stands alone in her positive insistence upon maximizing the death toll by the only surefire means known to science.

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