Strange fish with ‘human’ features baffles social media users: ‘Excuse me’

by Morgan Greenwald | ITK.

Every now and then, photos of weird wildlife surface on the internet and cause absolute chaos on social media.

In June, the Twitterverse went wild when an old photo of a human-sized bat in the Philippines made the rounds. And now, Twitter users are once again obsessing over a strange creature — this time, a fish with lips and human-like teeth.

On July 2, Twitter user raff_nasir posted two photos of the puzzling fish with the caption, “Her lips are hotter than mine” translated from Indonesian.

The fish featured in the photos appears to be a type of triggerfish, a shallow water marine fish known for its small mouth, and high-set eyes.

This particular triggerfish has an especially human-like mouth, which prompted social media users to turn it into a meme.

Many people couldn’t believe that the fish was real.

“This mf got teeth??? Damn,” one person said.

“Excuse me,” another user commented.

“WHY [ARE] HER LIPS BIGGER THAN MINE?” a third person joked.

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