Injustice, The Gods among us [De iniustitia Deorum in nobis:] – ep. 17

The mark of the Beast

Caracterem bestiae et

BICC. Barcode in lieu of money, credit card, debit card, cash, personal check, or any other physical media historically used in monetary transactions. Usually scripted on the inside of the left forearm. Scanning the barcode electronically adds or subtracts amounts from the associated bank account, as applicable. The cashless society, based upon digital currency, is here. The first BICC came out of China’s Digital Yuan Project.

“The studio execs … those hacks … put the kibosh on a Bizarro Angela Holmes.”

“Why, pray tell?”

“They thought that it was too Indie [independent film-ish] for mainstream horror audiences.”

“In other words, too ‘dirty girl’ to sell.”

“Yep. And they were right.”

“The studios make movies to make money.”

“And I wanted to make a couple of masturbation flicks, with pervs like myself as the target audience. A very niche audience, to say the least. No upside, whatsoever, for the studios involved.”

“During my abortive subjugation attempt of you, I glimpsed your needy.”

“My Bizarro Seven-of-Nine?”


“What do you think about my concept, that backdoor you’ll try to exploit into a Bizarro Seven belonging to you?” 

Number Nine sees no reason to deny her intended deceit. Besides, to do elsewise would be very foolish on her part.

“Not rape. You’ll voluntarily submit.”

“Answer my question, please.”

“The template makes you look too skinny and too sketchy, for my taste. Nor do I care for the unkept geriatric blonde hair.”

“Nonetheless, you still wouldn’t hesitate to possess me that way?”

“Wouldn’t hesitate a bit.”

No chairs. Not a place to sit. No bed. Made only for standing. There stands Kirstjen across from Number Nine, in Number Nine’s quarters in the convent. The girl is wearing the barely-there grey snakeskin two-piece she wore in social media, strapping Parts which bulge in the crotch of her tiny bikini bottoms, giant diamond choker, prudz, and wurms. Arcane Meth tattoos are stenciled on the dildo harness of the Parts. Kirstjen is still doing a Lindsey Vonn. Technically, the girl can do a Bizarro Seven without violating her husband’s edict, but that’s clearly splitting hairs by violating the spirit of the restriction without violating its letter. The girl steadfastly refuses to give into her deepest darkest cravings to be Bizarro Seven, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One, that deranged, depraved, sexually-bent robot.

EXO: self-aware, form-fitting, AI-powered suit of armor. Snug, ballistic protection from a “smart” wearable that is akin to a hi-tech militarized scuba driver’s gloved-and-booted wetsuit. Made of a flexible plasticine polymer that looks and feels like neoprene; a material formally-known as ballistic-neoprene, and colloquially-known as neoprene as if it were “regular” non-ballistic neoprene. As such, the wearer (aka the driver) looks like they’ve been dipped in liquid rubber, from the neck down. A seamless fusion of rubber gloves, boots, and wetsuit, resulting in full one-piece coverage, from the neck down.

Corselette, also corselet: A corselette is, figuratively, the seamless fusion of a cleavage-enhancing bullet bra and a restrictive girdle corset with 6 suspenders. By default, a corselette is adjusted to rigorously-enforce the ridiculously-small 17-inch wasp waist that was preferred by Victorian Era ladies and by Finnish TV “Beatnik Ghoul Girl” and cult siren Vampira. Vampira made the Victorian Era [fashion] appliance popular again in contemporary fashion and is credited as making it a must-have staple in haute couture. This underwear is usually satin, even in many of its fetish applications. In the Ancient World, soldiers of Genghis Kahn’s Mongolian Empire wore satin as ballistic protection against arrows.

Number Nine is clad in the sleek cleavage-baring black EXO of a Borg Queen. Skintight plasticine exoskeleton that looks like its glued to her body. She looks like she’s been dipped in liquid rubber, from the neck down. Worn underneath is a white corselette. Profane and hideous, and sexy too. The outfit showcases top heavy, wasp waist, leggy. There is no large bulge in the crotch of the EXO to showcase that this she-male is well-hung. EXO, regardless of its origin or persuasion, is tailored to mask the crotch, even if you’re literally hung like a horse. This results in a gender-neutral crotch, in effect neutering the wearer, and thus it easily and completely conceals Number Nine’s gender-bending bulge.

The artificially exaggerated curves of the bullet bra of a Borg Queen’s corselette gives the wearer’s bosom that sexy “missile” look, resulting in an especially voluptuous chest and profound, thought-provoking cleavage. In other words, projectile breasts. Contemporary projectile? Yes—i.e., rounded instead of pointed bullet bra cups.

Torpedo bras go perfectly, hand-in-glove, with skin-tight EXO. This pairing of skin-tight EXO and bullet bra is dubbed the “pointy look”; a term still applied even when the bra cups are rounded instead of pointed.

The longline open-bottom girdle corset rigidly enforces Christian Dior’s “New Look”, a Neo-Victorianism which persists to the present day, with no end in sight.

There are two Borg alcoves—the expected biomechanical monstrosities. One is for a drone, has been heavily-modified, and is heretofore unused, and the other one is the well-used central alcove of a Borg Queen. Upon stepping into this central alcove, Number Nine is disrobed and disassembled: sections of her body [legs, torso, and arms] are stored below the floor, while the head, shoulders, and spinal column are stored in an area above ground level. The actual storage area resembles that of the reigning Borg Queen in Unimatrix Zero.

As a member of cloistered nuns. Number Nine spends much of her time in her “lair” with her head and spinal column residing in her special alcove. When she emerges, the storage reassembles her into a body that is predominantly artificial—her arms, legs, and torso are entirely synthetic, while her head and shoulders are organic, but with substantial cybernetic implants. Pallor. Her chalky, pale grey complexion is the norm for Borg. The storage also clothes her assembled, naked body.

Profound differences supersede the technological specifics of a “pure” artificial being versus an organic being who has been hybridized with a prosthetic body and cybernetic implants. A robot versus a robotoid. Robotics versus cybernetics. Mech versus biomech. The Holy Grail of robotics versus the Holy Grail of biomechanics.

Number Nine exclusively refers to Kirstjen as Number Seven. And, tellingly, Kirstjen doesn’t object. Number Nine has offered Kirstjen the use of the drone alcove for a bed. Kirstjen refuses. The girl intends to sleep on the floor, instead. In spite of her cravings, Kirstjen doesn’t not give into her temptation to “plug” into the drone alcove, that first step of a descent into the madness of becoming Number Nine’s Bizarro Seven. But … Bit by bit, Number Nine is chipping away at her resolve. By Number Nine’s way of thinking, it’s a question of when, not if, Kirstjen willingly and willfully capitulates.

On Number Nine’s wish list. Shades of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad (2016). The black gloves and boots of a Borg Queen in place of the girl’s prudz and wurms. And, black seamless fishnet tights worn over the girl’s bikini bottoms, baring her midriff and yet somehow enforcing a 17-inch wasp waist as if they were HiRISE tights.

In the here and the now. No Borg Queen gloves and boots. No fishnet tights of a Borg Queen’s personal drone. Therefore. No Bizarro Seven with these Harley Quinn influences.

By the end of the day. Kirstjen is asleep on the floor, and Number Nine is naked and disassembled in her central alcove. She plots. Maybe her own greed is thwarting her ambitions. Forgo the thick-readers, plaintive makeup, and geriatric blonde hair. Keep the Harley Quinn overtones, and the girl might just fall for that version of Bizarro Seven and the girl’s husband hopefully would have no grounds for objection.

Additionally. While wearing Parts, that portion of Kirstjen’s body is rendered prosthetic. Likewise, if she were wearing Borg gloves and boots, and those fishnet tights. In effect that Harley Quinn version of Bizarro Seven, would be almost as prosthetic as Number Nine. In other words, that version of Kirstjen would be metal, not meat. That entire outfit, including her bikini, are so-called smart clothes (i.e., smartware), therefore all of the wearables are self-cleaning (in hygiene mode) and self-repairing, just like Borg EXO. As such, there’s scant need for her to ever remove such an outfit.

Take it a step further. Also forgo the krazed. The result is Kirstjen as Number Seven doing a Vonn with Harley Quinn/Bizarro undertones. Voila! This is the robotgirl Number Seven that the girl would surely fall for and the girl’s husband would surely love. Once she succumbs, Kirstjen would subvert to this Number Seven, automatically, whenever she came to this side of The Event.

As this Number Seven. No facial expressions, whatsoever. Totally unemotive.

As this Number Seven. Speaking in a mind-numbing monotone—cold and clinical, borderline frigid—a robotic monotone with undertones of madness.

As this Number Seven, she will be Number Nine’s dedicated drone, the nun’s submissive. Speaking only when spoken to, and keeping her verbal communications to the bare minimum. Referring to herself in the third-person plural, and referring to Number Nine as her Queen.

As the girl enters REM sleep, it is the notion of this Number Seven that Number Nine introduces into the girl’s dreams. In a word: diabolical.

Number Nine goes into standby mode. The girl shifts the narrative, just a tad, and puts her own final stamp on this notion of a Number Seven that Number Nine has introduced into her dreams.

In place of a Borg Queen’s gloves and boots. Black shoulder length Italian kid gloves, by Solo Classe. Goth girl mid-calf boots, by Karin Luna; color: black. Or. Demonia women’s Emily-357B, in black; an ankle boot with a cage-style mid-calf leg brace minus the trademark cone spikes and arcane heart ring details of an Emily-357A. Either of these platform boots will up the ante for Punk, Cosplay, or Goth. But. The Emily-357B: duplicates the boots worn by SHE, The Monster, Doctor Frankenstein’s first monster, the gender-fluid she-male one. The Emily-357B, with such a nefarious pedigree: very disturbing, indeed. But. Whether it’s the Karin Luna or the Demonia. Steampunk boots coupled with that cornerstone of naughty, a high waist A-line pleated and plaid miniskirt, by Chouyatou, that looks like it belongs to the uniform of a Catholic schoolgirl. Of course, by the nature of what it is, the brief skirt still gives off whiffs of underage schoolgirl, in spite of it being worn by an adult. Also, by Chouyatou, a perfectly-shaping black snakeskin uniform blazer—vintage stand collar, front double-layered zipper closure, long sleeves with zip slits—the slim fit waist-tighten design makes the wearer in a perfect shape. That grey snakeskin two-piece barely-there bikini, by Victoria’s Secret, from Kirstjen’s social media outings. Black fishnet tights; seamless hosiery, by Ghostcat, which bare her midriff and yet somehow enforce a 17-inch wasp waist, as if they were HiRISE tights, that would be the envy of any Victorian Era lady. Giant diamond choker, by Etsy, from that fashion brand’s extremely popular Big Diamond Choker Collection. Basically, a Vonn template, gone hardcore fetish, with Harley Quinn/Bizarro undertones. And akin to a Borg’s EXO, an outfit that looks like it’s glued to its wearer. Buxom, slender, and leggy. Neither too skinny nor too sketchy. Plus … Why not, long silky golden tresses braided into tight long silky pigtails? Why not, indeed. A Vonn’s very adult mopp or a hairdo that isn’t just for the underaged, a double-Dutch braid. Now, that would be a sight, indeed. Not to mention a preference for being called Seven-of-Nine, or some permutation of that, instead of her given name. Now … That’s … A Number Seven to draw to.

Gloves and boots are faux pu leather. The blazer and two-piece bikini are faux pu snakeskin. Faux pu leather and snakeskin that look and feel just like the real thing. The snakeskin finish in question is that of the python reticulatus [reticulated python]—i.e., the snakeskin finish of the black full bodysuit worn by the evil clone of Mrs. Emma Peel in the 1998 movie The Avengers starring a blonde Uma Thurman in the dual roles of Mrs. Peel and Mrs. Peel’s evil clone Number Seven.

Shades of a blonde Rose the Hat, as portrayed by actress Rebecca Ferguson, in Doctor Sleep (2019).

Sometime during Number Nine’s sleep cycle, she hears a woman shriek: “Yes!!!” Number Nine smiles from ear to ear, literally.

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