Archaeologists discovered an ancient city buried 30 miles outside Rome without ever digging it up

by (Aria Bendix) | Yahoo!

Falerii Novi

Antiquity Publications Ltd/L. Verdonck

  • Archaeologists used radar technology to map Falerii Novi, a Roman city last inhabited more than 1,300 years ago.
  • They discovered new structures like a public monument with no direct parallel in Roman archaeological history.

Artificial Intelligence Is Making The Army’s Armored Vehicles Deadlier Than Ever

U.S. enemies have their work cut out for them.

by Kris Osborn | The National Interest

Here’s What You Need To Remember: The Army and industry are currently developing algorithms to better enable manned-unmanned teaming among combat vehicles. The idea is to have a “robotic wingman,” operating in tandem with armored combat vehicles, able to test enemy defenses, find targets, conduct ISR, carry weapons and ammunition or even attack enemies.… Continues

Pharrell Williams’s Epic Hollywood Hills Home Hits the Market for $17 Million

The unique abode was designed by innovative starchitect Hagy Belzberg.


An award-winning architectural tour-de-force high above LA’s storied Laurel Canyon owned by mononymous hip-hop superstar Pharrell has come for sale at $11.95 million, a substantial amount over the slightly more than $7.1… Continues