St. Louis Record Stores Vintage Vinyl, Planet Score and Euclid Records Reopen Today

By Jaime Lees and Daniel Hill | Riverfront Times

(This article first appeared June 1, 2020)

Plexiglass dividers are just one part of Vintage Vinyl’s reopening plan.

As businesses across the St. Louis area begin poking their heads up out of their quarantine bunkers and offering their wares to the public again, three of St.… Continues

Wuhan lab had three live bat coronaviruses: Chinese state media

by AFP

(This first appeared on May 24, 2020)

The Chinese virology institute at the centre of US allegations it may have been the source of the COVID-19 pandemic has three live strains of bat coronavirus on-site, but none match the new global contagion, its director has said.… Continues

‘The 1918 Spanish flu’s second wave was even more devastating’: WHO advises caution to avoid ‘immediate second peak’

Immunizations against smallpox, measles or Hepatitis B should last a lifetime, but that has not been the case for previous coronaviruses

By Quentin Fottrell | MarketWatch

(This article first appeared on May 31, 2020)

‘If we’re not expecting a second wave or a mutation of this virus, then we have learned nothing,’ New York Gov.