Mike Tyson – NEW Training Footage Showing EXPLOSIVE Speed And Power

By Jim Maltzman | Boxing News 24

Mike Tyson (50-6, 44 KOs) released a new training video of him on Monday, and he’s looking even better than his previous workout clip viral. In today’s video clip, one can see a little bit more of former heavyweight champion Tyson’s combinations, speed and his overall form than the previous one.

Besides speed and power, you can see some fatigue as well. He looks slightly ragged and out of breath, which isn’t surprising because he’s 53-years-old and hasn’t fought since 2005. But even if Tyson is only capable of fighting hard for three minutes before gassing, he would give most of the heavyweights in the division problems.

Mike Tyson Still Faster Than Current Heavyweights

Former IBF/WBA/WBC heavyweight champion Tyson plans on coming back for some exhibition charity matches against still to be determined opponents. It’s too bad that none of the current crop of heavyweights are capable of looking as good as Tyson does.

In contrast, today’s heavyweights look slow, robotic, and methodical. None of them possess the speed or the form of this version of Tyson. There are several incredibly powerful fighters in the sport today, such as Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua, but they don’t throw combinations like Tyson, and they’re not blazing fast.

Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury, is interested in facing Mike Tyson in an exhibition fight. He would be the ideal first opponent for a charity match. Tyson facing John Fury would attract interest from the U.S and the U.K, and it would be fun to watch. John is a big talker, and we’d get a chance to see how long he’d last against Tyson. The ay that Tyson is looking right now, John would be smashed to bits within 30 seconds.

Tyson Needs A Good Opponent

What Tyson needs is a reasonably easy opponent for his first four-round charity match. Then he can work his way up to fighting Shannon Briggs, Evander Holyfield, James Toney, and Oliver McCall. Those are some of the options Tyson will have to pick from for his charity matches.

Sadly, Tyson against any of those guys would be more interesting to watch than some of the top heavyweight fights that fans see nowadays. For example, IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua will be defending against Kubrat Pulev next, and WBC champion Tyson Fury is facing Deontay Wilder. Fans have no interest in either of those fights.

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