Injustice, The Gods among us [De iniustitia Deorum in nobis:] – ep. 7

Die! Die! My Darling!

Moriemini! Moriemini! Solitariam meam!

A Dragon? A Drakonian Dragaform. A Drake. Magical powers, immortal, shapeshifter. Scales, horns, fire breathing. The Oriental Gods.

Present day …

“So, this is where you live.”

Kirstjen slides out of bed. She’s naked. The woman standing by the window is fully dressed, and doing an absolute stunner: Ancient Mia is doing a Gail Wynters, no less. It’s been a very long time since Kirstjen has either heard that voice or seen this woman. The first and only previous time was back when she was still a Niffin and she stood before the High Council to answer for some atrocities that she had committed; ultimately, she was acquitted of any wrongdoing. Among the heinous acts she’d committed was the massacre of a dirty cop and his family. The rookie police officer, Larry Collins, had double-crossed a local mobster Fats Waller.

Fats, a longtime business associate of Judi’s, is a Groll, a half-breed who is equal parts Giant and Troll. And, in spite of the masculine connotation of this mafioso’s name, Fats is very much a woman. Although Judi is a legitimate businesswoman, and no one has ever been able to prove otherwise. Fats is up to her neck in the rackets, and is as shady as they come, yet she’s never done jail time, never been arrested, her record is as clean as a nun’s knickers. Crime rivals call her “The Teflon Teddi”. In this colloquial usage, Teddi being street slang for a female mob boss.

What was a Niffin Kirstjen to Fats? She was listed on the books [Fats’] as being a part of shared services, and none of those services were sexual. In mob terms, Kirstjen was a fixer. So … When the cop crossed Fats. Fats had Kirstjen make an example of him: punish one harshly so that others will avoid committing the same offense in order to avoid such punishment. A necessary evil in Fats’ line of business.

Collins foolishly thought himself and his family protected. He had employed the services of Marie Catherine Laveau, a notorious Creole from Louisiana. Ms. Laveau is a powerful sorceress and Voodoo priestess with great magical powers and knowledge of arcane lore, including the creation of a potion made from Vampire’s blood that keeps her eternally youthful and beautiful. She is also a mambo (also written as manbo), a priestess (as opposed to the houngan, or male priest) in the Haitian Vodou religion. Her great-grandmother was Hattian and a mambo in the same Vodou Temple where she currently worships. An alternate spelling of her name, Laveaux, is considered by historians to be from the original French spelling, and reflects Dark Magic lineage in the family bloodline.

The cop paid handsomely for Ms. Laveau’s best wards and warrants, and for her to be he and his family’s CPO (close protection officer). The magical protections failed. Kirstjen breached them as if they weren’t in place. Faced with the no-choice choice of defending her client and his family as their bodyguard, and thus guaranteeing the certainty of her own annihilation, or stepping aside for her personal safety. Understandably, Ms. Laveau chose her own survival.

In a far corner stands the dandy who came with Ancient Mia. His name is Simon Angel, a dapper dan in a Tyrone Edmund Power III. Kirstjen knows of him. But this is the first time that they have crossed paths. A convicted serial killer and serial rapist, Simon is on parole from the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Another example of a semi-supernatural human species. Ancient Mia’s current boy toy is a half-Angel. One parent human, one parent an Angel. Metaphysically, he’s an Angel trapped in a human body. Simon is as loony as Kirstjen. But, is he as lethal?

He broadcasts his thoughts to Kirstjen.

I am a Nephilim: half Angel, half human. In spite of being half-Angel, I’m still a Monkey to an Angel. Just in case you’re not familiar with this usage, Monkey is the racial slur that Angels use when referring to humans.

The resiliency of an Angel. The cunning of a Monkey. The blood lust of The Fallen. Such is me. Talking to myself. I seem rather one dimensional, less human, and more like a killing machine. Standing over what’s left of one of my latest two victims. There were thirty-seven in Chicago. I plan for a much larger body count in Haven.

Kirstjen’s telepathic retort is short and sweet.

The Monkey for whom homicide and sodomy is Viagra.

The girl turns her undivided attention back to Ancient Mia. No more tick tock with the hired help.

“How goes your civil war?”

With the stroke of a pen, signing a binding agreement, Empress Kathryn Chinn, Ninth Absolute Ruler of The Dragon Empire, abdicated her absolute rule and by doing so ended the Dragon Civil War. No longer is Empress Chinn the first among first of the blue-blood rulers of the known worlds.

The Dragon monarchy is now constitutional in the British mold. With a duly-elected Senate in place of Parliament. And a First Senator instead of a Prime Minister. A position with the same duties, responsibilities, and power as a prime minister and a president combined. The office of president doesn’t exist in this Dragon version of the Great Experiment known as Democracy.

Additionally. In this case, the First Senator is a real firebrand. Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a decidedly Occidental looking Dragon in her human form. That diversity of pretense, that divergence from accepted Dragon norms, being another example of this twenty-something’s bleeding-edge “progressive” point of view. Bernie Sanders, United States Senator from Vermont, is very proud of his political kindred spirit.

“It went, as you well know. And, I must say, your joke is in very bad taste.”

Ancient Mia’s voice is tense, as one would expect considering the subject matter at hand.

“Loosen up, you’re gonna pop a gasket.”

The girl’s repartee is akin to a kitten toying with a mouse. This is not how she should be acting considering that Ancient Mia is her better. But, it’s how she always acts, when she has the upper hand.

“Quickly. Shower, eat, and get dressed. The High Council needs you to do an errand.”

“I need to engage in corporal mortification, first. Then, I’ll be at your disposal.”

Ancient Mia starts to say something, and then she wisely catches herself. The Dragon rephrases her response, taking the bite out of her voice.

“Okay, we’ll do it your way.”

“You say that like you have a choice,” Kirstjen answers very matter-of-fact. The vibe she’s now giving off borders on being detached, if she’s the kitten who’s suddenly grown bored with the mouse.

Kirstjen will pick a Lindsey Caroline Kildow aka Lindsey Caroline Vonn, for this outing—i.e., a blonde bombshell in the vein of a creepy bland delicious Alice Quinn without eyeglasses. Basically, a Debra without the sexy Mississippi Southern drawl. With Lindsey Vonn being a modern-day version of the lip-smacking Mamie Van Doren of those salacious B-movies of the 1950’s, the mouthwatering Barbara Eden of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961), and the va-va-voom Stella Stevens in Playboy (1960’s) and as Lovey Kravezit in The Silencers (1966) and The Ambushers (1967). This sexpot template is guaranteed to get underneath the skin of Ancient Mia and her companion. Mind games a plenty. And it’s so easy for Kirstjen to play them with a Dragon or an Angel. Because, psychologically, Dragons and Angels are akin to humans, and she’s expert at irking humans.

“We [Dragons] and the Angels are the most human-natured of all supernatural beings. The demons are the least, and they dominate The Party, as well as all supernatural institutions. Be very careful of your ambitions. Others before you have tried and failed.”

“And, what ambitions would those be?”

“As I’ve already stated, your humor is not appreciated. I won’t repeat myself again.”

Simon is a hunk. Beefcake supreme. Ancient Mia is on another level. An older female that’s cheesecake so very nice. Fifty-something—i.e., she looks to be in her fifties, but she’s so much older than that. A high-maintenance hottie who personifies “sexy milf gets fucked”. The one-up for Ancient Mia is that upstairs it’s her Sabrina D-cups vs. the June Wilkinson D-cups of Kirstjen. And in that matchup of double-D’s, Ancient Mia’s balcony wins, but not by very much.

A Wynters vs. a Vonn? Kaye instead of a Koo. Moe instead of a mopp. Bullet bra in place of a corselette. Flesh-colored rubber thong in place of skin-colored retro-1950s HiRISE rubber panties. Got wood, either way!

Nonetheless, even with her slightly smaller chest, Kirstjen’s looks upstage Ancient Mia’s. The Dragon will just have to get used to the competition.

Because of Kirstjen’s deeply-rooted WoH compulsion, fixation neurosis. Burning inside of her and bubbling to the surface: Kirstjen’s demented craving to shed her beauty and become the ugly gender-fluid Mildred Huff again. An all-consuming madness shown in her cold, piercing blue eyes. The compact in her purse ever-ready for that swap between Bolshoi-bare and plaintive makeup heavily applied to her face and neck. Pursed thicks that she longs to slip on her face or at the very least hang around her neck, a neck preferably ruined into a turkey neck by plaintive makeup. Needless to say, Parts and barbwire garters are MIA and missed.

Kirstjen’s personality is as bland as plaintive makeup looks are ravaged and aged, when she’s in Mildred Huff. It’s fitting that when she’s doing bi-gender Mildred Huff, she speaks in a mind-numbing monotone—cold and clinical, borderline frigid—with undertones of madness.

Yes. For the time being, going back to being a drab, creepy, unattractive, frumpy cunt is not an option. Mildred Huff: nada. She’ll stay a drab, creepy, attractive, frumpy cunt, to perturb Ancient Mia (Pretty Woman) and Simon Angel (Pretty Boy), for as long as she’s allowed. So, they’d better get used to the competition of her wearing a Lindsey Vonn, for as long as it lasts.

Kirstjen’s depravity rears its ugly head. Spawning a, excuse the pun, hideous thought.

I so crave a tryst with a Gorgon. I wonder if Medusa is available? If so, maybe I can slip away later and do her.

What Kirstjen would really like to do is take it to that supposed next level and tryst with a feral Gorgon. But, for now, the non-feral Medusa will have to suffice. Many swingers swear up and down that doing a feral is beyond the bee’s knees, claiming that it’s the Holy Grail of screwing. Kirstjen would love to see for herself if fucking a feral is the gold standard for sex.

For Kirstjen’s husband it’s quite simple. She wishes sooner than later that her wife would get over craving ugly, an obsession-fixation often expressed in the guise of the girl doing the Harpy-centric Mildred Huff. Only time will tell if her wish comes true.

What’s the sure thing? Because of her single-minded pursuit of magical perfection, Kirstjen will never reboot psychologically or sexually, and regain her original mentality or libido, one iota. And, thus akin to the Niffin the morally-neutral species she was once a member of, she cannot feel remorse. Killing with a subzero level of emotional coldness. The knobb on the rightside of her neck is a beauty mark of arcane origin, but it doesn’t designate that she’s a convicted war criminal and therefore it isn’t a souvenir so-to-speak of the Apokolips Wars, nor is it subverted Borg tech; it’s a fuze, an occult “brand” akin to a witch’s mark.

Kirstjen’s fuze is the brand of her patrons, Inanna and Ereshkigal, both of whom are Sumerian Goddesses of the Ancient World.

The Ancient World, also known as The Gate World, because its worlds are accessible only via the Event Horizon of a Stargate.

Stargate. A device based upon Atlantean wormhole technology which is used for seamless travel within a dimension and between the dimensions of the multiverse (i.e., Creation).

Ereshkigal ( DEREŠ.KI.GAL, lit.“Queen of the Great Earth”) is the Goddess of Kur, the Sumerian land of the dead, and she is the older sister of Inanna. Disguised as a male, she is also worshipped by the Ancient Greeks as Hades the God of the Underworld, the Greek land of the dead.

Inanna is the Goddess of sex, war, justice, and political power. She is also worshipped in the Ancient World by the Akkadians, Babylonians, and Assyrians under the name Ishtar.

Kirstjen, a Roman Catholic, with Pagan deities of the Ancient World for sponsors. What would the Pope of this Modern World say?

Pretty girls can do anything. Ugly girls have to do everything. Kirstjen is the pretty girl who will do anything and craves to do everything. She gets drunk. She can be that alcoholic in the throes of DTs, but she doesn’t stay an alcoholic. She gets high. She can be that strung out junkie, but she doesn’t stay a junkie. She eventually resets to sobriety. She can be that insatiable whore, a sex addict, the nymphomaniac who can fuck till she drops, but she cannot catch a venereal disease and she can only get pregnant if she wishes. She eventually resets to swinger. Abuse without consequence, is just indulgence without penalty. It’s as if she were still a supernatural being, instead of the mundane one she is now. She is human, but without any of the downsides of a profane, degenerate lifestyle. So, do the Biblical prohibitions still apply?