Injustice, The Gods among us [De iniustitia Deorum in nobis:] – ep. 4

Hunting the Phantom

Vide fugandi

“Science has made us Gods even before we are worthy of being men.”—Jean Rostand

This Kirstjen Michele Nielsen. The usual base, of course. Which is? Klaw, knobb, double-D’s, pancakes, and that smoky, sexy Danish, Copenhagen accent. Which template? The Marion Crane template, her de facto standard, and, for this outing, all three options exercised. The options being:  eyeglasses [either thicks or thins], Parts, and barbwire garters. As usual, she picked her thicks. Her disfiguring thicks fail to entirely camouflage her fetching, 1950s movie starlet looks.

Unless otherwise noted. Regardless of standard or template. In the case of so-called “dumb” eyeglasses. Whether the eyeglasses are referred to as thicks or thins. Thin lenses are unlined. Thick ones are lined trifocals with extremely thick eyeglass lenses. Peeper keepers: Kate Spade Joyann 0S4P Burgundy Black Transparent eyeglass frames, those severe, unbecoming 1950’s frames. The ones worn by the dominatrix/librarian/magician Alice Quinn character as portrayed by actress Olivia Taylor Dudley, star of SyFy Channel’s “The Magicians”. And, in the fashion of a librarian, a Miles Kimball beaded eyeglass chain is attached at the temples of the eyeglasses. Oh, and, crystal clear & white nibblet eyeglass chain holders—Artisan—in place of the holders that normally come with the Miles Kimball. Resulting in vintage eyeglass chain and holders. 

All the prev checkboxes, checked. And … Pancakes [i.e., flat “White Chick” no-butt butt], buxom, blonde, blue-eyed, leggy, Gal Gadot slender [not the least bit scrawny], hardlooking, haughty, and a large ugly cruel mouth that bespeaks of loathing and disdain even when that’s not the wearer’s intent, and, last but not least, a flawless, lily-white complexion—the stereotypical Las Vegas Showgirl. All the smoking-hot checkboxes, checked. Plus … a dominatrix personified, who can effortlessly shift into submissive mode and just as easily sink [while on binges] to the depths of depravity that rival that of an alcoholic/drunken hi-mileage-divorcee junkie whore.

Seated across from her is the renown wizard Duchess Helene Blavatsky an elderly Crone with distant Ogre and Witch ancestries doing a Mildred Huff who strongly resembles the witch Baba Yaga. Legit she-male Duchess Blavatsky is wearing a flesh-colored rubber thong its crotch bulging with her abundant phallic womanhood. Fake she-male Kirstjen’s wearing thicks resulting in the girl’s transformation into a drab, creepy, unattractive, frumpy cunt. The doll’s looks still upstage the Duchess’. So … To seal the deal with the Duchess who’s in one of those petty vindictive moods, Kirstjen allows the Duchess to heavily apply plaintive makeup to her face and neck, leaving her with a ravaged aged face and neck bereft of any beauty or youth whatsoever. Kirstjen as the stereotypical spinster—i.e., a Mildred Huff. The Duchess is pleased with the grand theft larceny. Normally, Kirstjen has a hard, pretty face, the ravishingly-beautiful visage of a 1950’s Hollywood movie starlet.

Increasingly, during the offseason, when the TV show is on hiatus, this is how Kirstjen goes about in public and in private—looking Witch with a Hag fixation—WoH—Witch over Hag—i.e., Harpy-centric. Wearing the disfiguring plaintive makeup triggers her indulgence of one of those consumptive bouts of BDD. More examples of her sexual flexibility expressed as sexual depravity.

Initially, after her coming out. As one would expect. Tonight’s used to be a typical tryst for Kirstjen. A plus-one who’s a much older [typically ancient] supernatural, usually a female of the Gorgon, Hag/Witch/Goon mongrel, Harpy, or pure-breed Witch persuasion. But … Once Kirstjen got her groove thing on, her palate expanded exponentially. Nowadays, the girl does consenting supernatural or mundane adults of any age, gender, and sexual orientation. Although, she doesn’t discriminate, she is very discriminating.

She and the Duchess have gone out many times before. After their meal, there will be a long slow romantic walk through the park the couple holding hands and then back to either her place or the Duchess’ where they will engage in the usual bender of getting drunk, getting high, and having rape-ape sex.

Judi and Kirstjen got hitched soon after Kirstjen’s pact with Judi expired. Both of them are avowed swingers. They have a very open marriage. Judi lives in and owns the apartment building where Kirstjen resides. They have separate apartments, Judi occupying the penthouse, of course. The building is the old, defunct Brown Shoe Company factory converted into high-dollar lofts.

By Judi’s way of thinking, Kirstjen is the perfect wife. A wife who sees the Dame Judi Dench as the ideal husband.

If Judi were human, she would be diagnosed as being a textbook sadomasochist and secondary sociopath—i.e., looney bin crazy. In a word: certifiable. A lunatic who should be confined in a padded room wearing a straitjacket and permanently housed in a psych ward. But … Judi is not human. She is a God, who indulges her sexual proclivities to their outermost limits, akin to a sexual contortionist, which explains this blatant misdiagnosis.

The God is promiscuous and omnisexual, and so is her wife the Noom. Of course, the fact that both of them are wanton and pansexual (i.e., sex maniacs) is not a coincidence. It’s by design. The God’s.

Before the Dame took her for a ride on the wild side, Kirstjen was heterosexual, her sexual tastes were predictively run-of-the-mill, and her sex drive was just as pedestrian. In other words, she was neither sexually adventurous nor was she sexually imaginative. Worse: in bed, she was bland, a bit of a cold fish. Best described as: She doesn’t look happy to me and she seems stiff, almost bland, yet she’s physically beautiful—i.e., the proverbial ice princess. A good Catholic girl, who went to parochial school and did her proper sums. An amateur who was so talented in the Five Magics, that she was STAR medaled by the Roman Catholic Church. Magic, not sex, was her passion. Basically, she was psychologically and sexually a Jeri Ryan—i.e., a Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One.

The five magics are: Thaumaturgy, Alchemy, Magic, Sorcery, and Wizardry. In the system devised by the “Arcadiae proles Sequentia” trilogy (“Arcadia Sequence” trilogy), the three-book addendum to the Arbatel De magia veterum (Arbatel: Of the Magic of the Ancients), each discipline allows the user to perform magical actions within a particular set of rules. These rules are specified after the Arbatel’s table of contents and are also stated within its narrative.

In many ways, the multivolume Arbatel is unique among texts on magic. Unlike the vast majority of writings, it is clear, concise, and elegantly written. The practical instructions are straightforward and undemanding. When it first appeared in 1575, it attracted the attention of people with a surprisingly broad range of agendas, including some of the finest minds of the time. Often quoted and reprinted, both praised and condemned, its impact on Western esoteric philosophy has been called “overwhelming”.

The “Arbatel: Concerning the Magic of Ancients” (Grotto: De Magia Veterum est) is the all-new printed edition of this text. Newly translated from the original Latin, edited, and annotated by acclaimed Mage Joseph H. Peterson, Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence at Brakebills. It is now available from and other fine booksellers. This hardcover edition includes an extensive introduction, footnotes, and index.

Kirstjen beseeched the Dame to take her on that mind-shredding ride. Fully aware of the dire consequences resulting from such a dark entreat. She ended up psychologically and sexually “flexible”, per the God’s specifications. This, of course, made her even more to the God’s liking. Tit for tat. As Kirstjen desired, the God made her even more proficient in the Five, which by her way of thinking, made the heavy price she paid well worth it. Eventually, her craving for even more mastery of The Five, mastery at the highest level possible, drove her to make that fateful blood pact with the God.

Bottomline. Kirstjen was not rooked—i.e., raped and took—by Judi. Of her own volition, Kirstjen consented to everything that Judi did to her, including the girl’s transformation into a Niffin and later a Noom, her betrothal, and the molding of her into Judi’s perfect wife. No glamour magic or enchantments were involved, whatsoever.

Besides herself, there is only one other human in the restaurant, tonight. That being the tweaker girlfriend of a Vampire who likes to hangout here. The girlfriend is named Ginger and the bloodsucker is named Phil. She doesn’t know their full names nor does she know much about them, which didn’t stop her from having a threesome with them two weeks ago. A time or two, Kirstjen has seen Phil and Ginger in the company of a massive Rock Troll who goes by the name of Tiny. This is one of those times. Ginger, Phil, and Tiny, sitting in a booth in a far corner, and Kirstjen idly wondering what it would be like to do a foursome with them while the possessive insanely-jealous Duchess Blavatsky, consumed with envy, watches and masturbates.