The US Army is sending 20,000 troops across the Atlantic to see if they have the ‘bandwidth’ to fight a major war

by (Christopher Woody) | Business Insider

US Navy Lt. Stephanie Mantz aboard USNS Benavidez, watches guided-missile cruiser USS Vella Gulf, front, and MV Resolve, center, during a convoy in the Atlantic in support of Defender-Europe 20, February 28, 2020.

US Navy/MCS 3rd Class Jordan R.… Continues

Russia And China Are Not Ready For America’s New B-21 Raider

The B-21 Raider is going to change the game.

by Kris Osborn | The National Interest

Key point: It is also conceivable, according to Air Force developers, that the new bomber will one day be armed with yet-to-be seen weapons technology.… Continues

Koenigsegg’s Insane New 4-Seat Supercar Has Enough Room for the Whole Family

The Gemera is the Swedish automaker’s very first four-seater.

BY BRYAN HOOD | Robb Report

Supercars are special, but most aren’t exactly ideal for family excursions. On Wednesday, Koenigsegg tried to change that with the debut of its newest supercar, the Gemera—the world’s first “Mega-Grand Tourer” and the marque’s first four-seater.… Continues

Could The Chinese Navy’s Willingness To Risk It All Beat America’s Experience At Sea?

China has been preparing for a conflict.

by Robert Beckhusen | The National Interest

Key point: The key difference is that the U.S. Navy has far more experience in training and in real warfare.

The People’s Liberation Army Navy has no recent combat experience and no hope of challenging the U.S.… Continues