Test War: How Russia’s Air Force Brutally Used Syria for Target Practice

And the results were devastating. 

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

In 2008, military observers within and outside of Russia noted the poor performance of the Russian Air Force (VVS) in the five-day Russo Georgian War. In the aftermath of the conflict, Moscow instituted a vigorous new round of military modernization and reforms.… Continues

Saudi princes’ detentions sent a message: don’t block my path to the throne

by Reuters

DUBAI (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s crown prince meant to send a strong message to critics within the royal family by detaining senior princes this weekend: Don’t you dare oppose my succession to the throne.

The main target in the crackdown, sources said, is King Salman’s brother, Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, one of only three members of the Allegiance Council, the royal body that endorses the line of succession, to oppose Mohammed bin Salman becoming crown prince in 2017 in a palace coup.… Continues

Putin proposes to enshrine God, heterosexual marriage in constitution

by AFP

Moscow (AFP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted to parliament a number of constitutional changes, including amendments that mention God and stipulate that marriage is a union of a man and woman.

Putin in January unleashed a political storm by proposing an overhaul of the constitution, the first changes to the basic law since 1993.… Continues

How Jim Crow Hid One of Hitler’s Most Horrific Massacres

Remember the Wereth 11 massacre.

by Warfare History Network | The National Interest

In the winter of 1944-1945, within Belgium’s Ardennes Forest, better known as the launching pad of the Battle of the Bulge, two war crimes were committed. The better known one—the “Malmedy Massacre”—resulted in the deaths of at least 85 defenseless GIs who surrendered.… Continues

How a $7 Billion Dispute Helped Topple Mahathir’s ‘New Malaysia’

by Anisah Shukry, Elffie Chew, and Yantoultra Ngui | Bloomberg

(Bloomberg) — In the weeks before his shock resignation as prime minister threw Malaysia into turmoil, Mahathir Mohamad was getting agitated.

His then-ruling alliance had suffered a series of by-election losses, stunting its momentum after a historic election win in 2018 against a government in power for six decades.… Continues

Pro-gun worker who Biden said was ‘full of ****’ speaks out on Fox News

by William Cummings | USA TODAY

The worker who got into a heated gun control debate with Joe Biden at a Detroit auto plant told Fox News on Wednesday that the former vice president “went off the deep end.” 

Jerry Wayne told the hosts of “Fox & Friends” that he had been thinking about what he would ask Biden if he had the opportunity since learning Tuesday morning that the 2020 presidential candidate would be visiting the Fiat Chrysler facility. … Continues