Injustice, The Gods among us [De iniustitia Deorum in nobis:] – ep. 2

How we got here

Quomodo hic nos got

Although there are dozens of them scattered across the Quad. A Doom’s Day weapon first used 1000-years-ago by the Druids during their “60-minute” War. It’s called MEDUSA. In the category of God-killing WMDs. If Series-3 phase weapons are scalpels. Then the Quantum Energy Weapon, created by Mortal Engines Inc., known as MEDUSA is a sledgehammer. This quantum weapon creates an artificial black hole like effect. Able to destroy entire cities and punch holes in a planet’s crust. Ostensibly designed to destroy planet-swarming Herds of The Dead, it’s just as effective when used against legions of White Walkers. Once the firing sequence for a MEDUSA is initiated, it can only by aborted by inserting a crash drive into the USB port of its self-contained computer core. Of note: Mortal Engines Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Maggie LLC, a joint partnership between The Boeing Company, The Nazi Party Ltd., and the United States Army.

Backlite, framed in the doorway are two figures. One is a comely forty-something brunette magician by the name of Barbra Steele. She’s wearing a bronze gothic torture mask identical to the one she wore in Hammer Films’ Black Sunday back in the 1960’s when she still was an actress. The thirty-something blonde bombshell standing beside her is Kirstjen Michele Nielsen.

This is not the Kirstjen Michele Nielsen who was, until her recent resignation, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary for current U.S. President Sarah Louise Palin.

If that Kirstjen Michele Nielsen who headed the DHS lacked the border bona fides prized by the right, she possessed other qualities needed inside a White House lacking discipline and overwhelmed with infighting—namely, a directness and an intense focus. Sources within the Palin White House told POLITICO early in her tenure that she was “dismissive and lacking in collegiality”. One of their nicknames for her: “Nurse Ratched”. She’s also been called “brusque” and “sharp-elbowed”. Frank Cilluffo, who heads George Washington’s Center for Cyber & Homeland Security, where Nielsen served for seven years as a senior fellow, more politely describes her as “a very no-nonsense person”. Similar things can be said, and are said, about this Kirstjen Michele Nielsen.

This is the Kirstjen Michele Nielsen who is related to German supermodel and Victoria’s Secret icon Heidi Klum, and she’s related to the Swedish climate activist turned eco-terrorist Greta Thunberg.

This is the Kirstjen Michele Nielsen who is better known by her stage name: Olivia Taylor Dudley.

In Mario Bava’s gothic horror movie masterpiece Black Sunday steeped in rich atmosphere, condemned witch Princess Asa (Barbara Steele) returns from the dead two centuries after her execution and wreaks vengeance on her killers’ family. Possessing the body of a descendant who happens to look just like her, Asa pulls out all the stops to exact her revenge. This was Bava’s credited directorial debut, and it catapulted Steele and him to stardom.

Olivia Taylor Dudley is a Danish actress. She is known for her horror film roles such as Chernobyl Diaries, The Vatican Tapes, and Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, and for her television roles such as the Syfy fantasy series The Magicians (as Alice Quinn) and for her work in the internet sketch group 5-Second Films. 

Species: Homo Resurrectus Niffinitus (metaphysically, a Niffin trapped in a human body)—i.e., the same semi-supernatural “human” species as Olivia’s character Alice Quinn. These so-called half-Niffin are colloquially known as Noom. Also, like her character Alice, Olivia was made not born a Niffin. Noom can perform magic at an extremely high level, just not at the Niffin level of course, but magic cannot be used against them.

Maker: Dame Judi Dench, the God who changed Olivia into a Niffin, at Olivia’s behest. Judi, the conjurer who Olivia was bound to as that deity’s Familiar while she was a Niffin. Judi, an Old Norse God of indeterminate race and age, and of unknown identity, who prefers buxom blondes of Olivia’s Nordic extraction. Judi, who Olivia willingly and willfully entered into a blood pact with. One year of indentured servitude to Judi as a Niffin, after which the girl would be fashioned into a Noom. The pre-pact Olivia was a gifted, formidable, amateur magician. The post-pact Olivia is on a whole nother level entirely when it comes to performing magic.

Dame Judith Olivia Dench CH DBE FRSA: Judi Olivia Dench is, of course, a contemporary pseudonym. She’s so old she is unnamable, and there’s only one other supernatural being in known Creation that the same can be said of. A deity who has had many aliases over the course of countless eons. An Old Norse God who, nonetheless, existed long before the Norse existed. A deity who witnessed, firsthand, Lucifer’s abortive attempts to overthrow: the “one and only God” of the Hebrews, Tetragrammaton (YHWH Hebrew: יהוה); and the God Amun (Amun-Ra) and his Goddess wife Isis, the two most powerful deities of the Ancient Egyptians.

Olivia is one of the stars of the Syfy fantasy series The Magicians. Olivia’s character Alice is always despairing about no longer being a [full-blown] Niffin; going on drunken drug-fueled binges with bulldyke Witches during which she degenerates into a crazed ravaged-looking drunken junkie whore who is no longer the least bit pretty, craves to be used any way imaginable, is sadomasochistic, a clinical dominant-submissive, obsessive compulsive, suffers from full-blown-BDD, and has psychopathic tendencies with dominatrix overtones. In other words, a depraved, evil-ass bitch, who is really fucked up. After the binge is over, her Noom metabolism restores her back to her normal beautiful appearance. Her character’s disdain and loathing for humans and being human is palatable; an intense hatred craved in her hard, pretty face. Additionally, Alice is a Neo-Nazi and a distant relative of Adolf Hitler, giving an entirely new meaning to the term White Nationalist.

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a mental disorder usually characterized by an obsessive preoccupation that some aspect of one’s own appearance is severely flawed and warrants exceptional measures to hide or fix it. During a binge, Alice sees her entire appearance as being flawed. And, she will make the pretty girls pay for being so pretty while she’s been cursed with being “ugly”. Alice would forget that she too is beautiful when she’s not binging. Even when she’s undressed, and looking at herself in the mirror, the binging girl sees herself as a frumpy cunt instead of the looker-hiding-in-plain-sight with a killer body that she is.

Barbra is wearing a Kaye, perls, prudz, flats, a white lacy bullet bra with a matching white satin half-slip, barbwire garters, cigarette purse, and no panties. The well-hung she-male prefers going commando.

Olivia is doing a Marion Crane, and doing none of the options. Also, no holster, of course. Only a phone and cigarette purse firmly gripping the waistband of her suit’s miniskirt.

Barbra removes her mask. She’s smiling, broadly. And voices something cryptic, in Latin.

“Tua nostra futura praeteritis”.

Translation: “Your future is our past.”