Why the Palestinian Authority Should Accept the Trump Administration’s Olive Branch of Opportunity

It is crucial for the Palestinians to come to the negotiating table as soon as possible to take advantage of the historic freeze. This is likely the last moment before the situation becomes irreversible.

by Eliora Katz Eyal Tsir Cohen | The National Interest

Palestinian leaders anxiously await the end of the Trump administration, outraged by President Donald Trump’s “Peace to Prosperity” vision for Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation.… Continues

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Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’ Trap?

HONG KONG, April 24, 2018 — In this evening conversation moderated by Chairman of Asia Society Hong Kong Center Ronnie C. Chan, Graham Allison, Douglas Dillon professor of government at Harvard Kennedy School, and Chairman of 13D Research Kiril Sokoloff, discussed the meaning behind “Thucydides’ Trap” and how China’s economic growth and policies remain a threat to power of the United States.… Continues

A WeWork exec who was Rebekah Neumann’s cousin regularly ran up huge expense reports before other execs ganged up and forced him out

by jbort@businessinsider.com (Julie Bort,Meghan Morris) | Business Insider

Encore Beach Club

Wynn Resorts

  • In the summer of 2018, a woman who worked on WeWork’s real estate team sent the company a document filled with allegations involving the partying lifestyle of multiple members of the team.

98-year-old woman has been a Girl Scout for over 80 years: ‘It’s been a wonderful organization’

by Megan Sims | Yahoo Lifestyle

One Pennsylvania Girl Scout is the epitome of “once you’re a scout, you’re always a scout,” as she has spent 88 years serving with the community service organization.

At the age of 98, Veronica “Ronnie” Backenstoe still dawns her green beret and even sells Girl Scout cookies.… Continues