Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — How to grow stronger relationships with better fertilizer

As a child, I remember looking into our neighbor’s yard and thinking their grass seemed so much greener than ours.  When I asked my Mom about that, she told me, “Their grass just seemed greener.  It really wasn’t.”

As an adult, I know better.… Continues

Prank shows how some Russians really feel about Putin — now people want to see the same prank but with Trump


Russian President Vladimir Putin walks to deliver a state-of-the-nation address in Moscow.

Vladimir Putin doesn’t necessarily seem like someone who enjoys a laugh at his own expense, but that didn’t stop one merry prankster from apparently making the Russian president the butt of his recent joke.… Continues

Why laptops could be facing the end of the line

by Paul Levy, Senior Researcher in Innovation Management, University of Brighton | The Conversation


Microsoft’s recent announcement that it would end support for users of its Windows 7 operating system had stress written all over it. The company advised that important day-to-day tasks such as personal banking and online shopping would no longer be safe on users’ now out-of-date and hacker-friendly Windows computers.… Continues

What Are China’s Goals Behind Its Digital Yuan?

by John Biggs | Coindesk

Michael Sung, a professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, spoke to CoinDesk’s Michael Casey on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The topic? The intertwined growth of digital currency and blockchain projects in China.… Continues

‘QAnon’ conspiracy theory creeps into mainstream politics

BY NZELMAN |Associated Press

MILWAUKEE (AP) — President Donald Trump was more than halfway through his speech at a rally in Milwaukee when one of his hand gestures caught the eye of a supporter standing in the packed arena.

The 51-year-old woman believed the president had traced the shape of the letter “Q” with his fingers as a covert signal to followers of QAnon, a right-wing, pro-Trump conspiracy theory.… Continues

John Barry and David Arnold – The Music of James Bond

Keith Lockhart conducts the BBC Concert Orchestra

0:00 -- “James Bond is Back” (from the opening titles of From Russia With Love)

0:09 -- On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (main theme)

1:27 -- “Capsule in Space” (from You Only Live Twice)

3:03 -- “007” (originally from From Russia With Love)

4:20 -- Goldfinger (main theme)

5:53 -- “You Know My Name” (main theme from Casino Royale)

7:43 -- “Night at the Opera” (from Quantum of Solace)

9:38 -- James Bond Theme (originally from Dr No, this arrangement “The Name’s Bond, James Bond” from Casino Royale) … Continues

How America Failed to Build Its Own Heavy “Tiger” Tank to Fight Hitler

A huge error?

by Michael Peck | The National Interest

Key point: The M4 Sherman was reliable and could be mass-produced. However, Washington lacked a heavily armored tank with a lot of firepower to take on the best its enemies could field.… Continues

Dodge Sold a Total of Five New Vipers in 2019

It hasn’t been in production for over two years.


Somehow, in 2019, a small handful of new Dodge Vipers managed to find themselves welcoming homes.

Yep, that’s right. Five still-new Vipers were sold off lots last year, according to sales data from Fiat Chrysler. … Continues