Toronto mega mansion hits the market for $32,000,000

by Jessy Bains | Yahoo Finance Canada

Toronto is home to some high-priced real estate. The average selling price of a home in Canada’s biggest city is around $837,000, but this mansion takes it to a whole other level.

If you can afford the $32 million cost of entry, you can live on the same street as Drake. But you won’t be able to see him since the city let him build fences twice as high as bylaws usually allow.

Prince used to own a home in this neighbourhood too, which has an average asking price of $12,077,750.

The average household income of area residents is $548,828.

The house was built in the 2018 as the builder’s own home, so the attention to detail is immaculate.

Scroll through the images for a sneak peek inside.

Photos courtesy of Zoocasa.

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Every mansion needs an iron-barred gate to keep the riff raff out. (Zoocasa)
It sits on a 246.38×353.63 ft lot, and has 25 parking spots. (Zoocasa)
A glorious double stair case greets you when you walk in. It’s perfect for races upstairs. (Zoocasa)
Once you get upstairs, there’s a stained glass dome on the way to one of the nine bedrooms. (Zoocasa)
The master bedroom is clearly fit for a king. (Zoocasa)
There’s plenty of natural light to brighten things up. (Zoocasa)
The library is covered in wood as far as the eye can see. (Zoocasa)
The kitchen features upscale ammenities and marble countertops. (Zoocasa)
There’s a two-storey guest suite with its own elevator. (Zoocasa)
You’ll never have to wait to use the bathroom because there are 13 of them.(Zoocasa)
The basement has a bar, games, and a wine cellar. (Zoocasa)
Of course there’s a pool, and it’s indoors so you can swim year-round. You’ll have to wait until spring to hit the tennis court. (Zoocasa)
Property taxes alone are $124,702 a year. (Zoocasa)