Gal Gadot Looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous In Bathrobe Pic With Zero Makeup

By Rebecca Cukier | TheBlast

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot blew Instagram away today – just by being herself. The Wonder Woman actress whose fame catapulted virtually overnight as a result of her superhero role took to the platform just in time for the weekend.

Gal threw Instagram one natural beauty, one bathrobe, and a reminder that an A-Lister status for this Israeli comes with little in the way of fancy flourishes.

The photo did, however, remind Gal’s 34.5 million followers of her endorsement power – the actress was in promo mode for the Revlon cosmetics brand she fronts.


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A Simple Selfie From A Girl Who Needs No Flourishes

Gal Gadot takes a selfie in a bathrobe

Gal’s photo showed her snapping herself in front of a mirror and a counter strewn with skin creams and makeup. The star didn’t appear to be wearing any makeup herself, though – Gal looked fresh-faced and beautiful as she smiled for the camera while wearing a white bathrobe.

Gal’s photo was definitely a candid one – she even mentioned this in her caption, also greeting her fans for the day ahead.

“Good morning to you all,” she wrote. Gal also tagged Revlon and abided by Instagram’s required “#ad” use.

230,000 Likes In One Hour – Instagram Just Loves Her

Gal Gadot takes a gym selfie

Gal’s photo didn’t take long to rack up the likes – over 230,000 had been clocked within just one hour of her selfie going live.

Comments poured in.

“Good morning to you, too!” one fan wrote.

“Awwww,” another said.

Not everyone was in the same time zone as the actress and model, though.

“Goodnight from Indonesia,” one user told Gal.

The photo came less than 24 hours after Gal made headlines for sharing a photo of her Wonder Woman stunt double – you can see the snap below.

An ‘Athlete’ Who ‘Took The Punches’ And Kept Gal Safe

Gal Gadot poses with her ‘Wonder Woman’ stunt double

Hollywood stars don’t always give their stunt doubles credit. Gal’s post came with a 100% admission that not every Wonder Woman stunt was pulled off by the movie’s main face herself.

“She’s been with me since the first Wonder Woman and I know we have a long future together. She’s always there by my side making sure I’m safe and at the same time taking the punches and getting thrown against walls. 💪🏻 She’s a mother, an athlete, and her movements are unlike anything I’ve seen before in a stunt performer. Thank you Stani for bringing your all, everyday and with such grace and kindness,” Gal wrote.

A Force Of Nature Who Served Two Years In The Israeli Military

Gal isn’t your average Hollywood starlet. The actress served two years mandatory military service in her native Israel.

For Gal, her military training paved the way for her career in action. Back in 2011, Gal told Forward that Fast & Furious director Justin Lin was keen on her background.

“He wanted to use my knowledge of weapons,” Gal said.

Gal is now a major face on Instagram, also followed by major celebrities. Famous faces keeping tabs on Gal include Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, and Bella Thorne.

Also, fun fact: Gal means “wave” in Hebrew.

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