Chilling Photos From The Groovy Era – The eye-catching Jungle Pam turning heads on the black top

By Jacob Shelton

source: pinterest

Even if you’re not a racing fanatic. Even if you don’t run your fingers across Funny Car schematics and the differences in tire tread you know about Jungle Pam. She was a presence on and off the track who drew fans to racing while her partner “Jungle Jim” Lieberman changed the way people thought about the Funny Car scene. Pam didn’t know anything about drag racing when she joined up with Jim, but that didn’t stop her from learning everything she could about the work. She wasn’t just a glamorous figure on the track, she was engaged with the scene and even helped re-pack Jim’s parachute and topped the car off with oil. However, after four years she disapeared from the scene. 

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Jacob Shelton


Jacob Shelton is a Los Angeles based writer. For some reason this was the most difficult thing he’s written all day, and here’s the kicker – his girlfriend wrote the funny part of that last sentence. As for the rest of the bio? That’s pure Jacob, baby. He’s obsessed with the ways in which singular, transgressive acts have shaped the broader strokes of history, and he believes in alternate dimensions, which means that he’s great at a dinner party. When he’s not writing about culture, pop or otherwise, he’s adding to his found photograph collection and eavesdropping on strangers in public.