Chilling Photos From The Groovy Era – Raquel Welch twists away her worries at a USO show in a war zone

By Jacob Shelton

source: pinterest

During the Vietnam War Bob Hope gave back to the American troops in the only way he knew how – by putting on a show. Throughout the war he hosted a ton of shows for the USO, bringing them to bases across Asia, often thrusting himself and the cavalcade of stars into dangerous areas that were under constant threat of attack. In 1967 Hope hosted a series of USO Christmas shows that brought along Raquel Welch who liked to invite soldiers on stage to dance with her. This photo shows her grooving with the 9th Infantry Division.  As much fun as Welch was having she was putting her life on the line to help the military get a break from the cruelty of war. 

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Jacob Shelton


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