Chilling Photos From The Groovy Era – Jacqueline Kennedy reaches for help after JFK was shot in 1969

By Jacob Shelton

source: the sun

After a series of shots rang out across Dallas on November 22, 1963, the world was never the same. This photo shows one of the more mysterious moments from the JFK assassination as people have speculated that it either shows Jackie reaching for a secret service agent or a piece of skull fragment. Some people have surmised that she was trying to escape, but according to Former Secret Service Agent Clint Hill Jackie refused to leave her husband’s side even when they made it to the hospital. In 2013 he told CBS:

Mrs. Kennedy had ahold of the president and wouldn’t let go. I pleaded with her to please let us help the president, but she wouldn’t let go. She didn’t want anybody to see the condition he was in because it was horrible. So, I took off my suit coat and I covered his head and as soon as I did that, she let go. We rushed him into trauma room one, doctors came running from all over the hospital, trying to do everything they could to revive him.

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Jacob Shelton


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