GIRLS KICK ASS! — epilogue

Obviously, no new episode for the “Girls Kick Ass!,” because that ended last week.

That serial is collected into a PDF which is posted in the Monsters in Motion menu. Same old, same old.

The new serial “Injustice, the Gods among us,” begins March 2020. Its prequel was in episode 18 of Girls Kick Ass!

It is based upon SyFy channel’s The Magicians series. Of course, it is my usual Adult (XXX) adaptation, where the actress (Olivia Taylor Dudley), who plays the Alice Quinn character, is written front-and-center, so to speak. No surprises there.

In closing.

“Ita, sex canes ad te, you’ll have ut exspecto Martii usque ad MMXX, deinde propter hoc fix superbia fumi.”

Translation: “So, for you porn dogs, you’ll have to wait until March 2020, for your next fix of this smoke.”