Vampirella Caroline Munro 1/6 Scale 50th Anniversary Exclusive Figure LIMITED EDITION


Vampirella Caroline Munro 1/6 Scale 50th Anniversary Exclusive Figure LIMITED EDITION:

Vampirella celebrates her 50th anniversary in 2019 as a pop culture icon. What started as a comic magazine in 1969, quickly became a phenomenon for the readers of the time who gravitated toward a much darker and sexier character who stood out among the other popular “super” characters of the time.… Continues

The Expanse: Season 4 Review

It’s good to be back with the crew of the Rocinante!

By David Griffin | IGN

This is a mostly spoiler-free review of The Expanse Season 4, which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

After a hard-fought fan campaign that resulted in a plane flying over Amazon’s offices with a “Save The Expanse” banner attached to its tail, the beloved former Syfy series is finally back on the air (in a manner of speaking).… Continues

New airstrip in Cambodian jungle sparks fears China is planning to use country as military base

By Jamie Fullerton | The Telegraph

Cambodia has seen Chinese investment pour in – Getty Images AsiaPac

A new runway being constructed in a Cambodian jungle has added to fears that China is preparing to base troops around the southeast Asian country.

The New York Times reported that the runway, being constructed by a Chinese firm at Dara Sakor International Airport near Cambodia’s southwestern coast, has a tight turning bay: a style often used by fighter jet pilots.… Continues

Military Nightmare: Is the United States Being Outmatched by Russia and China?

America may not be able to compete in future wars.

by Dan Goure | The National Interest

Key Point: It’s been decades since the U.S. army has had to prepare to fight a peer competitor. 

The U.S. Army once was superior to every potential adversary in terms of combat power, what it called overmatch.… Continues

Iran’s Military Is About to Be Transformed: Should Trump Be Worried?

What does this mean for America and its Middle Eastern allies?

by Michael Rubin | The National Interest

Key Point: How will Iranian acquisition of robotics and artificial intelligence technologies impact basic assumptions about Iranian behavior and alter the regional military balance?… Continues

59 Photos Capture The Art Of Cool – Goodyear developed a tire in 1961 using mounted light bulbs in the wheel rim to make them glow in the dark, but never went into production.

It was in the early 1960s, when Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. decided to get their ‘cool’ on. They began developing what the referred to as ”the tire of tomorrow.” Goodyear scientists experimented by developing a translucent model with tiny light bulbs mounted inside the wheel rim. … Continues