Truth OR Myth? Starfleet Starships- The Sovereign Class

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In today’s SPECIAL episode of Truth OR Myth, I UPDATE my original Sovereign Class Starship Video!… Continues

Sparta Warrior 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure by Phicen


Sparta Warrior 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure by Phicen:

Here is a deluxe 1/6 Scale figure of our favorite Starta Warrior woman. She comes with sword and helmet ready to fight right out of the box.

Part List:

1) 1 x head sculpt

2) 1 x Phicen female seamless body with stainless steel armature

3) 3 pairs x interchangeable hands

4) 1 x cape with a necklace decoration

5) 1 x chest guard

6) 1 x battle shorts

7) 1 pair x lower arm guards

8) 1 pair x calf guards

9) 1 pair x shoes

10) 1 x battle sword

11) 1 x shield

12) 1 x spear

13) 1 x base

14) 1 x 4 color packaging


  • Catalog#: 231PH25
  • Theme(s): 300, Frank Miller

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Zooey Deschanel celebrates 40th birthday with ’80s themed party alongside boyfriend Jonathan Scott

by Rosy Cordero | Entertainment Weekly

Zooey Deschanel celebrates 40th birthday with ’80s themed party alongside boyfriend Jonathan Scott

Zooey Deschanel took a trip back in time to celebrate her 40th birthday. The former New Girl star celebrated the landmark with an ’80s themed gathering alongside boyfriend Jonathan Scott (Of Property Brothers fame) by her side.… Continues

Why the U.S.-China Cold War Will Be Different

This second cold war, conducted on a teeming planet whose anxiety is intensified by the passions and rages of social media, is only in its beginning stages. The aim, like in the first Cold War, is negative victory: not defeating the Chinese, but waiting them out, just as we waited the Soviets out.


‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ – Let’s Talk About What Happened With John Connor

By Phil Owen | The Wrap

(Spoilers ahead for “Terminator: Dark Fate”)

The “Terminator” franchise is a weird thing because the powers-that-be behind these movies have made repeated attempts to soft reboot the series over the past decade. In Hollywood, parlance, a “reboot” is a fresh start — with a “hard” reboot meaning the franchise begins again from scratch, and a “soft” reboot involving an attempt to sort of refresh the series while still acknowledging the previous films.… Continues

The first Space Force uniforms have reached the Pentagon, and people are making fun of the camouflage print

By (Kat Tenbarge) | Business Insider

space force uniforms


  • The United States Space Force debuted the first ever uniforms for members of the newly created unit.
  • A tweet sent from the offical Space Force account pictured the camouflage uniform with the “U.S.