Bella Hadid Barely Covers Up In Steamy Selfie, She Came Dangerously Close To A Nip Slip

By Jeff Mazzeo | TheBlast

Bella Hadid knows exactly what to do to give us major FOMO and she did not let up when she shared a very revealing pic from a past vacation. It appears that the photo was not taken today but no one seemed to mind that she blessed our timelines with the topless shot.

The 23-year-old model posted the picture to her feed on Friday where she is wearing very little clothing. To be fair, Bella was wearing a shirt but it wasn’t doing its job that well because there was little left to the imagination. She rocked barely visible bikini bottoms, blue shades, and an open long sleeve jean shirt as she snapped the quick pic while laying in the grass.


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Too Hot To Handle

The purpose of the post was to promote her partnership with the Chrome Hearts clothing line and the model sure knows a thing or two about marketing.

She captioned her post, “aura bella™️ 🔮,” and tagged the company on the social media platform. Her friends and millions of fans went crazy for the pic in the comments section of her post.

La La Anthony left several heart eyes 😍😍😍 emojis to show her support while the owner of Chrome Hearts, Laurie Lynn Stark commented, “Let’s go back ♥️.”

The amount of fire 🔥, fox 😻, and heart 💜 emojis that flooded her post were insane.

“Wuhhuww Bella stunning🔥” one impressed fan said and another wrote, “You are so hot😍😍😍.”

Smaller and Smaller Swimsuits

Bella has been pushing the limits of her swimsuits recently and her top held on for dear life when she was spotted wrestling with Kendall Jenner in Miami last week.

Kendall got a little aggressive and moved to straddle her model friend as Bella tried to fight the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star off with little results. She ended up giving in as photogs captured the two laughing during their horseplay.

She’s A Tree Hugger

Hadid’s busy modeling schedule has her jet-setting all over the world and that means a lot of pollution from the planes she takes. Although she has to keep traveling for work, Bella decided to do something about her carbon footprint.

“Donating 600 trees to be planted , 20 for each flight I took these past 3 months and probably will continue for the rest of the year.It makes me sad how much my job effects my carbon footprint and of how brutally climate change is obviously effecting the world. Mother Nature needs some love…🌳🌼🌜 I’ll be starting with my home in California ( 129 million trees need to be restored re: wildfires, 1.3 million acres burned) and of course the Amazon for the most recent wildfires, but please reach out and let me know which locations need to be shown some love as well , all regions welcome🙏🏽 Africa, Asia, North America, and Latin America💛 this is so exciting and interesting to me, that even though I’m not physically there, trees are being brought to life in the most incredible places that are in demand of them! it’s the air we breathe, the water we drink, the biodiversity and animal life we need..🐛🐜🦗 I know it’s not much , but when I fly, I look out the window and see so many beautiful, extensive forests, so much land and trees but also so much that needs lots of help.. think about the animals too💛 anyways . once I get home I’m definitely planting my own tree outside. so inspired by my friends 💛🌿🌱🌳🌼🌼 ps I did some research and is probably the easiest website I’ve found to donate to multiple regions at the same time, if you’re interested:)” she wrote in the caption of her post.

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