54 Beautiful Photos From The Groovy Era – A very lucky Swamp Thing cradles Adrienne Barbeau, 1982.

Adrienne Barbeau looks good in anything, even the swamp. She starred in 1982’s Swamp Thing as Alice Cable, a woman who finds a strange friendship with Swamp Thing – the DC comics creature. At the time Barbeau was a sex symbol after starring on Maude and appearing on The Love BoatFantasy Island and Battle of the Network Stars in the 1970s. So what drew her to the film? She simply thought the script was “charming.” She said:

It was whimsical and charming and lovely. I didn’t see it as a horror film — I guess I don’t see it as a horror film to this day, actually. It’s Beauty and the Beast — it’s more of a fantasy or fairy tale maybe in my mind.”