How do you rate teddy atlas as a trainer/coach?

Not as highly as I rate him as a street fighter and an OG.

Here he is responding to disparaging comments made about him recently by notorious former underboss of the Gambino family Sammy Gravano. Most observes felt Teddy would just let them slide because ”Sammy the Bull” is not the kind of person anyone in the right mind wants beef with. However, I knew Teddy coming from the place he comes from and being the Man he is would fire right back. Teddy doesn’t just talk the talk he walks it too.

Not highly.

Teddy is the halfwit son of a wealthy physician. A rich kid who wasn’t very bright and hung out on the streets thinking he was tough, until trouble arose and he called his dad who would always pull strings to bail him out.

He got a lot of mileage when he worked with Cus D’Amato when Mike Tyson was there. D’Amato was old and didn’t travel, so Atlas worked the corner. Then Atlas pulled a gun on Tyson and they gave Teddy the boot, because he was a nobody and apparently didn’t realize you shouldn’t pull guns on 15-year-olds.

When Tyson became famous, people thought Atlas had something to do with it. So they hired him. Most figured out he was a mess by the 1990s. He usually worked with a name for a couple fights and then got dropped. He never took anyone from his debut to the title. Ever.

So he started calling fights on ESPN. But viewers quickly realized he just repeated the same tired cliches over and over.

For some reason, the former Soviet countries – where Tyson is still a hero – have gravitated toward Atlas in recent years because they think he had something to do with Mike Tyson becoming Mike Tyson. But they’re all starting to realize what Atlas is and most have dumped him, too.

Great trainers, like Eddie Futch, work with fighters and develop champions until the old trainers keel over and die. Atlas gets a call from a name. Works with them for a fight or two. Then they dump him when the shine comes off.

Today, Atlas is basically a celebrity trainer and a podcast host. That tells you everything you need to know about what kind of trainer he is.

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